My name is Delaine, and I am the girl from NYC! Well, technically, I’m from New York by way of Jamaica W.I. I am a Believer currently living in the sunny state of Florida with my hubby, son, and our pooch. I am currently working on a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling, but I am taking it very slowly with regards to getting finished. I homeschool my son, and help to coach his bible quizzing team at our church. I am passionate about learning and look forward to the different challenges that may come my way.

Choosing the name of this blog was really easy because even though I have lived in Florida since 2003, my heart will forever be in NY. What NYC taught me was to be strong, to love and appreciate different cultures, and to have a keen eye for all things that are fashionably forward. I found that my favorite hashtag on Instagram was #youcanttakethecityoutofthegirl. I don’t think a more true hashtag has ever been written.

As time went by and I thought of all the things I love, I wanted to start keeping track of them and sharing them in one place. I have so much fun finding cute, fun outfits and accessories that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I enjoy renovating and decorating my home (and other peoples’ homes as well). I am continuing the journey towards better health by being involved in various types of cardiovascular exercises and a weight-training regimen to boot. I LOVE to bake. I can’t say this enough. I specialize in baking gourmet cupcakes, so from time to time, I will post pics of my latest creations. I have quite a bit of an adventurous side, and I’m always ready for the next trip. I am an avid reader, but anything John Grisham/Robin Cook will usually suffice.

If I am not at church, I’m either sipping on a tall, hot caramel macchiato from Starbucks while trying to catch the department store sales, planning another interior design project, baking something yummy, or you can catch me traveling up and down the Eastern Coast of the United States (and veering off to the west from time to time). When I am at home, I’m usually curled on the sofa with my family watching a movie, entertaining, or catching a theater production with the hubs.

If you are interested in receiving an email each time I post, please scroll up to the top and you will see a place to subscribe. I look forward to staying in touch with you!

XOXO Delaine