Ruffled, Wrap Skirt for Valentine’s

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Ruffled, wrap skirt – on MAJOR sale – one size only

fish net stockings

mixed media moto jacket and HERE (33% off)

I’m loving this wrap skirt so much! I think it would look great for Valentine’s Day or even a spring wedding. I wore it with this cowl neck, mixed media jacket that was light enough to be worn as a shirt. I paired it with fish net stockings and patent leather pumps.

Many of you messaged me in the past few days wondering where I’ve been. I was on a media fast, so I didn’t go on Facebook, Instagram, the television, radio, etc. Thanks for your concern!

There also is another reason why you haven’t ‘seen’ me or some of the people you’re following on Instagram. This algorithm is so annoying. It causes our reach, engagement, likes, and comments to go up and down so much. Instagram started deciding what you get to see quite some time ago, but it’s even worse now. If you want to ‘see’ me, you’ll need to like and comment on my pictures and watch my stories on a more frequent basis. By doing so, Instagram will continue to show you my pictures. If you shadow-follow me and enjoy what you see, but don’t engage, you’ll have to go searching for my pics on my profile. You can definitely do that, but liking and commenting is so much easier. You can also turn on post notifications so you don’t miss a post.

Anyway, I’m working on another video on The Girl From NYC Fixes and Flips YouTube channel. Have you seen any of the videos? You can go there to see the available videos now. Chat soon!

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