Decorating for Christmas and My Christmas House Tour

Hey, ladies! So, anyone who knows me knows I only shop at a few places for house decor. Pier 1 is my go-to store, followed by Marshall’s/Home Goods, Macy’s, etc. I’m going to list some ways to save HUGE amounts of money on seasonal decorations.

Have great curb appeal. If you don’t have a lot to spend, buy a wreath. Try to get one that matches how you’ve decorated the inside of your home. Anything that sparkles will catch my eyes, so this wreath was perfect for me and our house decor. We hadn’t bought a wreath in about ten years. We updated the last one, but it was time for a new one.Add scenes in different areas of the home. Here is my built-in buffet in the dining room. I added a faux-fur wreath, a faux fur fox, a deer and deer tea light candles, two lanterns, LED candles, and glimmer string lights.Add fun touches to your dining table. In the past few years, we have purchased silver, red, and gold chargers. You’d be surprised how quickly the pop of color can quickly and inexpensively add holiday cheer to your dining room table. The reindeer salt and pepper shaker set always receives a lot of compliments. The other thing I’ve done is use the same hurricanes but we just change out the bowl fillers and candle colors. If you have a coffee bar, add holiday-themed snacks or set up a hot cocoa bar. Think chocolate-covered oreos, peppermint sticks, peppermint hot chocolate, and more.Set up a fun area for kids. We decided to use this Santa’s mailbox with the greenery and glimmer lights. This area is in the family room. Add candles and pillows. If you don’t want to buy actual pillows, buy pillow covers. They’re much easier to store in between holidays and they might cost less. Another thing I do is stick these small red wreaths to windows, the microwave door, and the door to the pool. Faux fur wreath / the stockings are from Marshall’s and Pottery Barn. 

One of the things I hear all the time is that certain stores are too expensive. Expensive isn’t actually a word we should use. If you buy something that lasts for a long time, then it wasn’t that ‘expensive.’ Cost-per-wear (year) instead of cost-per-item is what really matters. If you store your decorations well, they will last.

However, if you are one of those people who still considers certain stores out of reach, there are several things you can do. First, shop after each holiday for the things you might want next year. The other thing you can do is just “splurge” on the main items you really want and spend less on other items. Most stores will start having sales on their Christmas (and other holiday) items way before Christmas (and the other holidays). The deals only get better as you get closer to or get past the holiday. Many of the items I’ve posted were on sale for about 40% off. Right now there are coupons in the store that will save you 15% off. Also, whenever Pier 1 has a sale, their items are cheaper than the other stores.

I personally just like a certain look for my home and Pier 1 is the only store that has almost everything I want in my home. Again, I do shop at other places (Macy’s, Home Goods, Marshall’s, etc.), and I really believe in quality over quantity. I find the quality at Pier 1 and some of the other stores to be supreme and for this reason, I don’t have to replace the items often at all. I feel as though we’ve gotten to the place in my home where we have all the decorations we need (unless we move), so we won’t be adding much more unless we find some unbelievable deals after Christmas. Also, we spend so much time at home that I want to make sure my family and friends feel comfy when they’re here.

Here are the pillows: the reindeer pillow with the red bow is from Lowe’s.

Red reindeer pillow / white snowflake pillow / peacock pillow white reindeer pillow / red velvet pillow / bow pillow / shaggy pillow / tree collar / tree hat

What do you do to get ready for Christmas? Have you decorated yet? Where do you shop? Please tell me below.



P.S. People always ask me why we don’t have a themed tree. We don’t because one tradition we have is to buy an ornament as a family each year. Also, because of the annual Christmas party we host, we receive different ornaments from our friends. The plan is to someday have two trees. One will be themed (maybe), and the other will have different ornaments.

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