The Juliette Tulle Dress for Christmas

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Juliette Dress  – use code ‘Juliette’ to save 25%

Ladies!!! Christmas is right around the corner! Do you have your Christmas or New Year’s dress yet? I could not wait to share this Juliette dress with you from Sacramento Skirt Store. The top of the dress is a really soft material with a textured tulle skirt. I LOVE the fact the tulle portion of the skirt is not too poofy and you do not need to wear anything else underneath for additional coverage. Also, the sleeves have the cutest ruffle detail.

The Juliette comes in four colors and if you order it, you will have it way before Christmas because of how quickly they are shipped and how quickly they’ll reach you. One of the best things is the price at only $35, but use code ‘Juliette’ for an additional 25% off. Go HERE to see the exact dress. Remember, any color you get will still look great after Christmas. It’s truly a lovely dress to add to your wardrobe.

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