Our Laundry Room Remodel Part 1

So, I spent the entire day yesterday thinking it was Friday. I’m so glad to have “another” Friday lol. This madness started on Wednesday though because Milton had different days off this week.

Anywho, I’m not sure if you’re aware we have started remodeling our laundry room. It is the last room in the house being redone.  We have a TON of finishing touches to do throughout the house, but we want to get the big projects out of the way first. You can just look at the pictures below to see some of what’s wrong with the space lol.Look at the chandelier! It has to go. Lol. Also, I’ve been wanting gold hardware somewhere in my house and the laundry room will be that space! As you can see, those wire shelves did nothing to accentuate the room. I was really wanting cabinets, shelves, mosaic tile backsplash, and the works! I find it very difficult to organize the space with everything open. I could always use baskets, but I really like a sleek look and having everything nice and neat. Also, I was once a crazy couponer and what you see is what’s left of my ‘stash’ from a few years ago.
One of the first things that had to be done was to take up the {ugly} tile flooring. In its place Milton will lay laminate flooring and then the vinyl flooring over that. The dark vinyl flooring will match what’s in the rest of the house. Also, because we might be selling the house at some point soon, instead of changing out the windows (we have half new windows and had old ones), we have another fix for it. All the baseboards will be updated. We have really high baseboards in the master and loving the look of them was the impetus for us wanting to change the rest. I had really wanted to put the washer and dryer underneath the windows to make it possible for us to have a long counter and a built-in dog crate, but again, we may or may not be in this house very long so we didn’t want to change it too much.This is the finished product of all the flooring being taken up. I’m also really glad to get rid of this paint color. It’s more of a personal thing than anything else. When we bought this house, this was the color already here. It looked really nice with the honey-colored wood flooring but as we started personalizing the various rooms in the house, the creamy-yellow no longer worked.As I’m writing this, we have made so much progress. I will share it with you in the next few days. We stopped working in the room when it was time to get ready for our Friendsgiving dinner last weekend, but we should be doing more this week…I hope haha.

What do you think so far? How does your dream laundry room look? Also, do you have front or top loaders? We decided to ditch the front loader and try the top loader this time around.



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