Friendsgiving Dinner – A How-To Guide

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I’m so excited for the holidays! I’ve already hosted my second-annual tea party and my third annual Ugly-Christmas party is in a few weeks. This year it’ll be an Ugly-Anything party since it’s still so hot in Florida and I’d rather my friends be able to participate and not be uncomfortable by having to wear a hot sweater.

This weekend, we will be hosting our very first Friendsgiving dinner. I cannot wait, and I think we’ll have a great time. The set up is to have everyone bring a side or two to share and we’ll provide the meat, desserts, and drinks. I’ve been wanting to host this kind of get-together for quite some time now, but we’ve been doing so much remodeling that it wasn’t possible. Also, if we spend the holidays in Florida, our family is so large that I can’t use my holiday-themed napkin rings, dishes etc. and I’ve been itching to use them more and more 🙂

Here’s the menu:

Confetti Shrimp or Poached Salmon or Meatballs
Chips and Salsa

Maple glazed turkey
Curried goat – don’t really want this because of my white napkins lol
Jerk chicken

Broccoli and cheese soup
Sweet potato casserole
Baked macaroni and cheese
Rice and peas
Collard Greens
Creamed corn
Green bean casserole
Drizzled croissants
Cranberry Sauce

Pumpkin maple bundt cake
Maple Toffee or Carrot cupcakes
Zucchini bread
Vanilla ice cream

Mint lemonade
Hot chocolate

Tips to throwing your own Friendsgiving”

  1. Order, write up, or invite friends at least three weeks in advance. Since it’s the busy season, give people ample time to plan for your function. Use Vistaprint, Easy, or another invitation service.
  2. Have fun. Ask people to bring something. We usually don’t ask our guests to bring food to our functions, but since it’s a Friendsgiving, we wanted everyone to be involved.
  3. Decorate. Go all out! I picked up this Friendsgiving banner a few weeks ago and cannot wait to put it up.
  4. Don’t procrastinate. Make a list of all that needs to be done and get started on it early.
  5. Get creative with food. Check out Pinterest for some fun ways to serve up food.

So, have you ever thrown one? I’d love to hear about it.



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