The Perfect T-Shirt Fold

Hey, ladies! Something I love to do is to organize spaces. I dive in head-first too. I plan the space, buy the items I’ll need for organizing, and then I get to work. It’s so much fun and I love seeing the finished product.

Something I want to share with you is how to fold t-shirts in such a fashion that they fit neatly in any drawer and they’re so accessible that when you take a shirt out the drawer, you don’t disturb any of the other ones. Look below for step-by-step instructions and then you can watch the YouTube video at the end of the post.


Start with the shirt face down.

Fold one side over to the middle of the shirt.
Fold the sleeve back on the folded section.
Fold the other side over the first fold.Fold that sleeve back over the second folded part.
Now, depending on how deep your drawer is will determine how far up you fold the shirt from the bottom. If you have a deep drawer, take the bottom of the shirt and fold up about one-third of the way. If your drawer is not very deep, fold it up about halfway.Take the top of the shirt and fold over the bottom section. You will have a rectangular shaped shirt.Fold it again. It’ll be a small square.This is how it should look when you’re all done.When you place it in your drawers, it’s perfect for fitting a lot of shirts in a smaller space. Also, people normally fold their shirts and place them on top of each other. When it’s time to take out a shirt, we have to lift up all the other shirts, displace them, and we don’t always know what it is we’re pulling out. This method allows you to see the graphics on each shirt at an easy glance. This works for all types of shirts. If you have collared shirts, just place the collar up so it doesn’t get squished.

Please watch the video and let me know what you think. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I also go a step further and hyper-organize socks and other things lol. I don’t necessarily recommend buying dividers, but if you do, buy the honeycomb divider for ladies’ underwear. I have a great way to fold men’s underwear, but we won’t show that here. I’ll just tell you. Fold boxers in thirds the same way the t-shirt was folded above. Then fold them in half from the top and then another half. It should look similar to the t-shirt. They go in the drawers the same way the t-shirts do. The shirts, socks, and boxers will stay organized very nicely without organizers.



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