Tea Party Shenanigans Part Two

A friend of mine made her hat and gloves to match her dress.These are the teapot charms I used with strings to tie the napkins.

The china is Noritake. The Habitat for Humanity Restore was moving from one city to the next and had these for sale. It’s service for 12, but many of the pieces have extra items. The set was originally $1300, but we paid $65 or $95. I forget.

Many people ask me about our chandelier. It was a Craigslist purchase for $65 in West Palm Beach. Similar items on eBay and Amazon are about $1000.
I also had a lot of questions about the velvet pumpkin in the picture below. I bought it at Marshall’s, but I linked a similar one in the widget below.

These are the four teapots I have. The pink one is one major clearance at Pier 1. It’s about $17 when you take off the additional 30% (in the states affected by Irma). Also, I love using the place cards because I use an included dry erase marker and then just wipe them off when I’m finished with them.My dress is a $10 Goodwill find! The one time I went to Goodwill with a friend looking for clothes, I scored with this beautiful dress. I’ve worn it so many times!


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Hi, ladies!!! Last weekend I hosted my second-annual tea party, and it was a blast! On the invitations, hats and gloves were mandatory while an English accent was optional 😀 I think I’m still recovering haha.

Anywho, we had tons of food, four types of (loose) tea, and lots of laughs. You can see the menu in the pictures above. All the guests brought cookies for a cookie swap. In the slideshow above, I will link as many exact and similar items in case you want to purchase them. If you have any specific questions about anything or if you’ve seen anything in my Instagram stories, please leave a comment and I’ll try to find it for you.

Now, crazily enough, I’m already planning the next party. It’s a Friendsgiving Dinner happening in the next few weeks.

Have a fantastic weekend!


The picture below is Milton’s note to me about where he had placed the teas. He made them for me and left them in the oven to stay warm. One tea was in a thermos until it was time to serve it. He’s really sweet. He understands my desire to entertain and encourages me to do it.This outfit was from Sunday…I told you I was tired. I wore this black maxi with one of the skinny, braided belts from DressitStore. You can use code ‘instag60’ to save on their belts on Amazon. The dress is from the FrouFrouCollection. I overwear this dress!

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