Dress It Up Belt Review/Giveaway and Serving Size Tips

Ladies, I’m so excited to share these adorable skinny, braided belts with you. They are from DressitStore on Instagram and Amazon, and I’ll be sharing four of them over the next few weeks.
I was so excited to wear this gold belt with the navy dress. Because they’re skinny, they are perfect to wear with anything. They add just enough pop of color and detail without taking away from your outfit.If you go to Amazon, you can search “Dress It Up Belt” to find them. Some of the colors start at $9.99 with Prime shipping. You can use code ‘instag60’ to save even more, and please don’t forget to leave a review.If you notice, the belt has a great shimmery look to it. All the belts I received from them for the collaboration are well-made, has a smooth texture, and have that shimmering look. My main fear about the belts was that they would have rough material, but they don’t.¬†Shop the post:

If you head to my Instagram page, you can enter the giveaway I’m currently having with them. Right above, you can look through the widget for similar velvet shoes, velvet flats, and I included my exact sunglasses because I receive a lot of questions about these items.So, the tea party planning is coming really nicely. My tea bag cookie cutter came in today and I’m excited beyond words to share the pics with you. The biggest issue I always run into is planning the right amount of food. We always have too much food. Haha.

Here’s how you can have the right amount of food for your function:

  1. Get a commitment from your guests. If you have an RSVP date, make sure to stick to it. Send reminders if needed.
  2. Search out serving-size-per-guest guides and follow them. For my tea party, I want to have two types of sandwiches, so the serving size is “supposedly” one sandwich per person.
  3. Once you have the information to point number 2, cut that amount in half. I’m serious. You think people are going to eat a ton of food, but they won’t. This is the case especially at a tea party where everyone is dressed up so daintily lol. They will eat the same way. My plan is to make half to two-thirds of the amount of food I originally planned.

What are your thoughts?

Oh, and if you love home decor items, you should really try Pier 1 right now. They have an additional 30% EVERYTHING in their store right now because they’re donating some of the proceeds to help Hurricane Irma victims. I’ll be sharing my items with you over the next few weeks.



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