Blue Lace, Velvet, and Fix and Flip Dreams

Ladies!!! This lace dress! Chantilly and Cotton is a new boutique and they sent it to me to review. It was difficult to choose something because there are so many adorable items on the site.The fit is super flattering. The color is a gorgeous blue. The lining is soft and stretchable and is for the entire length of the dress – you might know by now how annoyed I get by short linings. The length is perfectly modest.
I mean, look at the lace!?! I quickly decided I wanted to wear it to church this past Sunday – our first since before Irma. If you want to order this dress, or any other cute item from her store, use code “thegirlfromnyc” to save 10% off your entire purchase. It ONLY lasts until Saturday, September 23, so don’t wait. Also, all items ship free! Now, you know I had to wear these blue velvet shoes with this dress. I linked similar shoes in the widget below, along with my exact polarized sunglasses. I went with the monochromatic look by even wearing a dark, blue accessory in my hair, but added one of my favorite bags. This dress would be perfect for a fall or winter wedding. It’s truly an elegant dress. The sleeves go just past the elbows.
Today, we’re celebrating four years of living in our house. This is the third house we’ve owned, but guess what?! We want to sell it. When we purchased it, there was nothing wrong with it, but we have a penchant for remodeling and decorating, so this house want spared either. I’ll soon share some before pics of the house with you.Shop the look:

Most people who visit our home think we’re crazy for wanting to do this because of all we’ve done and how different it looks from when we purchased it, but I promise we’re not. After chatting with a friend who is going to teach me how to bid on foreclosed homes and then speaking about it with Stacy from The Blue Keystone, we are seriously considering listing the house next spring or summer when all the remodeling is expected to be completed.

Our plan is to sell this house and then either use the money to buy a cheaper one and then start the fix and flip business, or we’ll rent for a while and use the money to start the business. I’ll write another blog post telling you why we came to the conclusion to sell.

Feel free to look through past blog posts under the ‘Remodeling‘ category tab to see some progress of the house. The only room we don’t have on here is the kitchen, and the changes to it and the progress we’ve made is unbelievable. Wish us luck, and I’ll keep ya posted.

Don’t forget to use “thegirlfromnyc” to save 10% off at Chantilly and Cotton.



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