Four Ways Church Ruined My Life and Lace Dress Review

Ooh!!! Look at this lace dress from WVintageVibe! It’s called the Lace Duchess Dress, and it is just ah-mazing!!! I love the color and the sleeves and the length and on and on and on!I love the lining on it because it covers my knees, and it’s not one of those annoying liners that come down to half your thigh and you’re left wondering what to do to cover the rest of your legs lol.I also love the color because I think it is so feminine and the uniqueness of the sleeves really piqued my interest. It has a bit of a bell shape but not too much. This dress would be great for a wedding outfit or for any function you might attend that will require something soft and classy.

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Four Ways Salvation/Church Ruined My Life

Let’s have some fun 😀

    1.  Lack of freedom – to be honest, I’ve never felt more free in my life. Free to be happy. Free to be feminine. Free from societal expectations.
    2. Lack of choice – actually, I love having the choice to choose to be a Christian first before anything else.  I don’t HAVE to support what society thinks I should. Certain causes don’t line up with my beliefs, so I don’t support them. I think about what would please the Lord, and then I line up my “choices” based on that. So, I can choose modesty. I can choose my political beliefs. I can choose to honor my husband. No one forces me to do anything. I am free to choose. Before salvation, I felt forced by society to behave a certain way. I had to be the one to “wear the pants” in the relationship. I had to let everyone know “I” was in charge. Thankfully I am free to choose against that now.
    3. Lack of a fun social life – the functions and social gatherings I host and attend with my friends are first rate. You’d be surprised how much fun you can have while sober.
    4. Constantly being told what to do – most people can’t believe we listen to a pastor – a mere man! Haha. Pastors provide spiritual guidance to the members of their congregation. Our pastor has never once ‘overstepped’ any lines. On the contrary, he’s been a source of unbelievable support for various things our family has faced. He (along with with lovely wife) helped us figure out how to plan our son’s future education – such a HUGE  relief! I must include a special note – no one is perfect. No pastor is perfect. No church congregation is perfect. However, the church we attend will forever hold a special place in my heart. The ministerial and administrative staff, and the friends we have made there are the best in the world.

So, if you haven’t figured out by the end of this post, I’m actually living the best life I ever could have. Sometimes people feel sorry for me because of all the “restrictions” of being a Christian, and if you are someone being pitied for some of these things, be encouraged. It goes with the territory of people not understanding the hope you have. Take the opportunity to share your testimony when people ask. If you are one of those people who want to know about living life as a Christian, or why people even choose to live such a “restricted” life, please message me so we can chat.



Don’t forget to use code ‘nycgirl’ to save 15% on your purchase!

Again, we might be off line for a bit because of the hurricane, but please keep everyone in Irma’s path in your prayers.

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