Get Free Palmolive at CVS!

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Many of you don’t know, but I used to be an extreme couponer. I’m talking about so extreme that we haven’t bought dinner napkins (Vanity Fair and Chinet brands) in about four years…yes, four years!!! Look below for how well stocked my paper supply used to be. To be quite honest, this was after we had been using the items. I used to have a coupon-matching website and teach classes on how to save massive amounts of money using coupons.So, if you’ve been watching my Instastories, you’ll know I went to CVS this week and was able to get three (3) bottles of Palmolive dish detergent for TWENTY-ONE cents ($.21)!!!  Look below at all I bought, and let me tell you how I did it. It’s really easy and you can do it too! I only spent $8.77 and I didn’t use coupons. If I had, I would have paid a lot less.Below is some wording that might seem like a foreign language to you, but without going into detail too much, just follow these steps and I will begin working on a How-to shop guide for CVS.

The first thing you’ll need is and ExtraCare card. If you don’t have one, go to CVS and tell them you want one. After filling out the paper, which consists of your name, email, and phone number, opt to always have paper receipts.

$3 ECB wyb (2) Irish Spring Body Wash or 6-Pack Bar Soaps, $4 ea. wyb (2).

Palmolive Dish Liquid, 10 oz, 99¢

Here is a step-by-step guide. This deal only lasts until Saturday night, September 9, so don’t delay.

  1. Pick up two (2) of the Irish Spring products and three (3) bottles of Palmolive.
  2. They have to scan your ExtraCare card – either you had one or you just signed up for one.
  3.  Let them ring up ONLY the Irish Springs. Don’t even put the dish detergent on the counter. Your total will be $8 plus tax.
  4. After you pay, the register will print you $3 ExtraBucks – money you can use on your next purchase – which can be immediately after they print it. You don’t have to go home and go back.
  5. Scan your ExtraCare card again.
  6. Let them ring up the three (3) bottles of the Palmolive. They are $.99 each.
  7. Give them the $3 ExtraBucks. This will cover the three bottles completely. The ONLY thing you will pay in this transaction is the TAX!

If you try this, please let me know. If you want help with shopping at CVS, please also let me know. You can leave a comment below or send me an email using the contact button.



Oh, and I might be off air for a bit. We are right in Hurricane Irma’s path, and as I’m writing this, we’re unsure whether or not we’re evacuating. Thanks for all your prayers, concern, and sweet messages.

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