How to Wear a Sweater Dress

Look at this cute sweater dress for the fall?! This beauty is from the.mercantileĀ on Instagram. You can use my code ‘NYC10’ to save 10% off. Check out all their items, especially the fall and winter items. This is the second item I’ve worn from their store, and I’m obsessed.The sweater dress is nice and thick and will take you through the colder months. It went down to my knees and the color is really nice. I love the fact it has a turtleneck. I liked wearing it with the ruffled skirt extender and the leopard accessories.

Here are three things you can add to a sweater dress for a ‘different’ look.

  1. A belt. A belt makes everything look tailored and neat.
  2. Booties. The fall season screams for boots and booties.
  3. A skirt extender. They add length and give the dress a nice touch.

Don’t forget to use ‘NYC10’ to save 10% off at the.mercantile!

Have a a great night! We’re still deciding if we’re running away from Hurricane Irma šŸ˜³



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