When Having ‘Natural’ Hair No Longer Works

I don’t love to use a lot of gel in my hair so my hair is always a little fuzzy lol, but I like it that way and I love the light feeling of my hair after using these products.

I’ve been ‘natural’ for almost four years now. It is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Here are three reasons why I wanted to go back to the relaxer.

  1. My hair is so thick! Even when I used to relax it, the relaxer only lasted four to five weeks. After that, good luck trying to get a comb through it.
  2. I couldn’t find the time to take care of it – at all! I am too busy to spend so much time doing one thing (insert eye roll here). It’s true though. I am in grad school, I homeschool, we help in two divisions of bible quizzing, I blog, and I want to have time left over for my family. I find myself doing so many things before bed, and if I have to spend two hours on my hair, it’s no good for me.
  3. I couldn’t find products that worked for my hair. Every product offers you the world but none have delivered…at least for me.

Then entered Uncut Hair. In almost four years, I have not found ONE product I’ve loved so much that I bought it twice. If I did buy it twice, it’s because I just ran in the store and grabbed the same thing over and over out of familiarity. Well, I see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I ‘met’ Chris from Uncut Hair through Instagram and then in person on the first day of NAYC. I ran over to the Crowne Plaza to meet another boutique owner and ended up meeting Chris as well. Here’s our pic:

She sent me a box of hair goodies that would put Sally’s Beauty Supply to shame!  I took several weeks to thoroughly use the products so I could share my findings with you.

  1. All the products from Uncut Hair are suitable for all hair types.
  2. All the products sent to me came with instructions on how to use them – how useful!
  3. She sent a plastic cap for me to use while deep conditioning, etc.
  4. She uses essential oils!!! I think that’s what was missing from all the products I’d been using. This has been my main issue with almost everything I’ve used. I go in the stores and tell them what I want, and they would show me all types of products and made many claims. Many of the products I brought home were so heavy on my hair. They were greasy and ended up in my bathroom drawer after a few uses, never to be seen or used again. This is one of the reasons I toy with the idea of going back to the relaxer. I was so tired of the products weighing down my hair. It’s hard to explain how Uncut Hair’s products feel, but they don’t leave my hair feeling heavy.


I received the Complete Care Set for Ethnic Hair which includes:

Hair Revival Conditioning Oil

Ethnique Shampoo and Conditioner

The pHx pH balancing spray

Untangled Conditioning Detangler



She also sent:

Ultimate Moisture Masque

Mend + Defend split end sealer and heat shield

100% natural Honeylocks Ultra Hydrating Masque


My favorite items? ALLLLLL!!!! These products were so effective in helping me with my hair regimen. In the last few pictures, my hair is looking and feeling a lot better. I am so crazy about the Hair Revival Conditioning Oil and my hubby and son also used it and…let’s just say I have to hide it so they don’t finish it. My hubby said his scalp was a little itchy so when I told him to use the oil, he was blown away. My son goes from low haircuts to times when he keeps some hair on his head. He also loves it because it has helped in both situations.

From Christine: “These products from Uncut Hair were developed to meet the needs of all hair types for the complete growth phase.”

She is so sweet and is giving my readers 10% off all her products with code, ‘Delaine.’ Please visit her website HERE and take a look at all the great items.

I have to tell you that for someone who devoted almost four years of their life to something, it was so sad to think I was willing to give it up because of the lack of finding products that work for my hair. Please take my word, but even if you don’t take my word, use the discount code and try something. You might be pleasantly surprised. Also, her prices aren’t any more expensive than what you would find at the drug store or the beauty supply store.

If you are in despair, no matter your hair type, give these a shot. I have a renewed love of my hair!



P.S. My son is walking around with some of the products in his hair right now telling me how much he loves them lol.

Also, more details of the dress in the last picture will be on here soon along with a discount code.

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