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Happy Sunday, everyone! I could not wait until Tuesday to share this with you. Before I even get started, I have to tell you how great the Instagram community is, how talented people are, and how truly blessed I am to have ‘met’ so many of you.

The BlueKeyStone is a modest clothing company run by Stacy Thompson. I came across her page and found so many useful things there. She writes blog posts about how to dress your body type, how to mend your own clothes, and she’s going to post a video of how to measure yourself (for custom clothing). I find this to be so helpful and needed. Anyway, you can send Stacy a picture of anything you want and she can sew it to your exact specifications for a great price! I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came up the amazing idea that she did. Look below for more details on the Subscription Boxes she’s currently offering. You can look at the details HERE and read below for more details.Look at how cute this is. In the box is a recipe card, chocolate, candy, a mud mask, mints, hand sanitizer, two shower steamers, and something else…Yes, ladies!! A skirt will be included in every subscription box. I’m not sure if the other goodies will always be the same, but imagine subscribing to this service and receiving all this?! The fabric choice for the skirt will be a surprise. Look below for all the details.I love how easy the recipe is and how nicely she wrapped the skirt. Plus, the bag in which everything came is reusable.
The Blue Keystone’s Skirt Subscription Service

  1. Receive a goodie box four (4) times a year – September 15, December 15, March 15, and June 15. The boxes will include a skirt and a ton of goodies. The skirt I’m wearing is the fabric for the first skirt being shipped out in September. I wore it around my town on Saturday and received so many compliments. Even the sales associate at Macy’s commented on it twice while I was changing my sunglasses – more on that later 😀. The colors look amazing together, it’s a great combination for the fall, and the skirt is lined with a zipper closure. The blue panels on the sides really add a lot of character to the skirt. All I had to do is give her my waist, hip, and length measurements.
  2. There are only a limited amount of slots available, so if you are the least bit interested, please don’t hesitate to sign up for the service.
  3. The total price for the entire year is only $140 and that includes free shipping. Custom skirts alone could cost up to $50 each, and this one comes with so many other items, the fabric, and free shipping! Each box is worth over $70!

Here’s how it works:

Buy one box: $45

Buy two boxes/2 seasons: $40 each

Buy 4 boxes/all 4 seasons: $35 each or $140 total

Again, go HERE for more details and to sign up and pay. I think it’s a great way to affordably add to your wardrobe over time. If you feel guilty about buying a new skirt all the time, subscribe and add a few each year.

Have a great Sunday!



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