Lady Aria Dress and How to Win Every Bid on eBay

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was interesting. My mom flew in from New York to visit her mom here in Florida because she is at the rehab center. Her 8AM flight was cancelled so she didn’t get in until 5PM. She left the next morning on a 7:19AM flight…who does that? Lol. My mom…all the time.

Anywho…I ended up being sick on Sunday and when Milt came home from work, he let me know he also felt sick. It was pretty bad…sore throats, sneezing, coughing…the works!

I wanted to share the details of this dress with you. I wore it to church last Sunday and posted pictures on Instagram on Tuesday, but in case you don’t follow me on Instagram (I think you should), I wanted to make sure you had all the details. It’s called the Lady Aria dress (mine is the salmon color but it comes in two other colors). The company is called RoseMarie Fashions and the exact link to the dress is HERE. The great news?! The color I’m wearing is already on sale, BUT you can use code ‘thegirlfromnyc’ for an additional 20% off anything in store!!! Look below to see another dress (the Swirl dress) I wore from this company. It has the same kind of cute features. They are both well-made, have extremely durable material, and the design is so unique! Every time I wear one of her dresses, I receive tons of compliments! The material on both dresses feel as if they are mad out of butter. The bow and ruffles on the front and the sleeves are so stylish! Please don’t hesitate to visit their website and take advantage of the deals there. You’ll also find some items on sale, but there are some reallllllly cute dresses!

For today’s blog post, I want to help you rock at winning on eBay. This is stemming from my plan to buy homeschool curriculum for this current year. I actually don’t needΒ to buy curriculum because our umbrella school has about one million books in their library, but I want to try some different things this year.

4 Ways to Win Every Bid on eBay and for the Lowest Price

*If you want the item quickly, use the ‘Auction’ tab and sort by ‘Ending Soonest.’

  1. Find the item you want and use the ‘Watch Item’ option – do NOT bid on it. One of the worst mistakes you can make is to bid on the item. That does not guarantee you will win. Probably the ONLY thing you most likely do is run up the price. When you bid, others bid. When others bid, others bid. The price goes up! Don’t do this.
  2. Set a timer for a few minutes before the auction is scheduled to end. You want to be watching the timer go down and be ready to bid. Make sure you’re logged into your eBay account.
  3. Determine the most you are willing to pay for an item before bidding. For instance, the price of a set of books I was about to purchase is $58.50. On eBay, the same set with an additional book is being offered for $39.99. This auction ends this evening. I will employ the same techniques I listed here. I found this to be a great deal, so about 20 seconds (or less) before the auction ends, I will put in my max bid. I will then be prompted to confirm my bid. You don’t want to do this minutes or hours before the auction ends. You want to do it so late that any other bidder won’t have time to change their bid before the auction ends, but not too late that you don’t have to time to confirm your bid or not have enough time to log in if you’re accidentally logged out. Also, if know what your max bid is, don’t be afraid to put that. In the case above, the three books would be sold on the book seller’s website for about $80. This means I will be comfortable with my max bid being about $50 because shipping is extra. If it’s higher than that, I’ll just get the original set I was going to get for $58.50. These will be brand new books, and I believe shipping is free.
  4. Pay quickly. If you want great ratings, after you win the auction, go ahead and pay in a timely fashion. I pay immediately, and it’s a good practice to do so. Remember, as badly as you want the item, the seller wants their money. If you’re a seller, ship quickly. You want to get paid, and the buyer wants their items.

I have bid on, and won, several auctions over the years, and as recently as last night employing these methods. They work! Try it and tell me what you think.



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  • I love this salmon color, and it looks great on you! Okay, fun story lol When me and all of my siblings were homeshooled, my mama used to do the same thing! We got so many books on eBay for so much cheaper. And we became experts at winning bids! lol We would wait until the last possible minute and throw in a bid. What’s bad, though, is that a long time ago we used to have this awfully slow internet, and wouldn’t be able to always bid fast enough lol

    • Hahaha. Isn’t that crazy? That happened to me several times when I was automatically logged out and had to log in. By the time I logged back in, the auction was over. Sigh. I don’t like when that happens lol, but I usually am okay with not winning bids, so when there’s a problem, I’m like, whatevs. Lol.