NABQT Outfits and Recap

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This blog post has a lot of iPhone photos because of the on-the-go nature of this post, but I love my iPhone pics! This is a recap of our trip to Indianapolis for the North American Bible Quizzing Tournament (NABQT). So, getting to nationals was such a pain lol. We had a 5:40AM flight, and we were parking our car at the airport, so that meant leaving home at 2AM. For me, since I normally go to bed at that time, I didn’t see the sense in going to sleep.So, even though we are all smiles in these pictures, it was a rough morning. If you don’t know by now, my hubby and son have the same name, except one has II at the end of his name. When I booked the tickets, I used the middle name spelled out for one of them and an initial for the middle name for the other. Still, it threw up red flags, and TSA can’t seem to understand there are two of them and not one person trying to get two seats on the plane.

That wasn’t even the worst part. My son’s ticket was flagged as one of the 6 or 7 people a day that has to go through extra screening. My hubs agreed to be searched instead. To make a long story short, he was extensively searched, my carry-on, which only had shoes, had to be scanned a zillion times and then emptied and searched because one of my shoes has metal in the heels and they probably looked like weapons lol, and we almost missed our flight. We arrived in Indianapolis, called an Uber, and when we got to the hotel, the Hyatt Regency, they were overbooked, so they told us they were paying for our room at the Westin for the first two nights. That was the case for our entire team. It worked out that we just ended up staying at the Westin for the entire duration of our stay. Quizzing started on Saturday morning. We won our first two quizzes, but then lost our third. Here’s our team being coached by our pastor and Milton.Here is Milton with with the quiz master after one of our quizzes. This was his last year in the Intermediate division, and now he moves up to the experienced division.Β This was after they lost for the second time. The tournament is based on double elimination, so once you mathematically lose twice, you stop competing. It was a great year. They played well, they learned 417 verses in the book of Acts, traveled to out-of-state tournaments, won an Extravaganza, and played well at nationals. We were all so proud of them and thankful for their coaches and the support of our church and pastor.This is the Lucas Oil Stadium. We took this picture on the way to lunch at Shapiro’s Deli. This is where the Colts play, and where the North American Youth Congress 2017 (NAYC) was being held. We had decided not to stay for it this year, but then started regretting it about two weeks before the trip.The next three pictures are from the banquet and awards ceremony.Β I had a lot of questions about my skirt. It’s $18.99 and comes in many different prints and sizes. Go HERE to shop them. Here are some amazing ladies I met on the day we were leaving. These were all people I had either already worked with on Instagram, or boutiques I will work with, or some ladies who follow me and I follow them. It all started with Sarah from Simple Extravagance Boutique asking me to swing by her boutique so we could work on our collaboration. I was sooooooo shy and I almost didn’t go because of how nervous I was haha. I’m glad I did. Below each picture, I’ll let you know who the person/company is. I’ll have some products to show from their businesses soon. This is Chris, from Uncut Hair. She has amazing products for natural hair. I’ll be sharing information on some products soon. This beauty is Sara from Simple Extravagance Boutique. It all started with her. She is so sweet, and I cannot wait to show you some pieces from her shop.These beauties saw me as I was leaving the Crowne Plaza. It’s so nice to follow someone on Instagram and then see them in person! There are some other people/companies I saw but I didn’t get a picture: Shanette, The, M. Carey, and W Vintage Vibe wasn’t there until the next day. I love this shirt I’m wearing, by the way. I bought it at TJ Maxx, and I’ve already worn it twice. As I posted on Instagram a few days ago, my shoes are from Prada. They are black, bow flats, and they are the most comfortable pair of flats I own. I have worn them to walk 80 city blocks in Manhattan and they were life savers! They are a bit of a splurge, but I will link some similar, less expensive pairs.Β Now, here is some information about the outfits I wore. The first one is this blue, pleated beauty from soprettyinpink _bowtique_. I don’t think there are any of these dresses left, but I shared this dress on Instagram a few days ago with a discount code. I’ll post the Instagram photo with the codes for each outfit.

Here is another look from the trip. I love this bird skirt, but the item I’m showing here is this amazing shirt from @mayasplace. I love how soft, versatile, and flattering this shirt is. I’ve seen it worn without a belt, but I belted it for a more pulled-together look. The sleeves are semi-bat-winged, the material is light enough for warm weather, and it really has a great fit. Below is the Instagram photo with the discount code I offered.

And now for this ultra soft striped dress. I love this dress because the short sleeves are long enough to reach the elbows. The hem is ruffled. It has a slight high-low design, but the ‘high’ part is not so high that you need a skirt extender or anything else for coverage. Again, this is a very flattering dress. The Instagram photo and discount code is below.

In this last pic, we are headed home, but not after being told by Frontier that each and every bag we have, checked or carry-on, has a $45 fee. Say whaaaaat?! We had to condense our bags and leave one in Indy. THIS is after we find out we had Milty’s bag and he had Milton’s bag. It’s a good thing our church brother had a rental so he could come swap the bags for us. What a disaster lol.Anyway, thanks for reading. We are still trying to recuperate from this year before we start all over again. This coming year will be 509 verses in Galatians, Hebrews, and 2 Corinthians. The theme is ‘Perfected.’ Pray for me, y’all.

P.S. I had liege waffles again (real Begian waffles). I hadn’t had them since I went to Belgium during my study abroad summer when I was in college. Now, I’m going to make it my duty to make them at home. I found them at BJ’s Wholesale Club. They taste slightly different, but be sure to warm them for 10-15 seconds before you eat them. They taste good though. Β I’ll let you know how mine turn out when I make them πŸ™‚



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    • Hi!! We had a great time! I used to help coach. Might coach next year, but no, the coaches included my hubby, our pastor, and another church brother. We needed a whole team haha.

  • Okay, I follow you on Insta and watch a lot of your stories, but didn’t realize that your husband and son have the same first name! That makes sense for why I couldn’t remember which one was Milton lol

    • Hehe. Yes, and it was all my idea to name him after his dad. We call the younger one Milty (which was one of his dad’s nicknames too), but now that he’s getting older, he doesn’t love it as much anymore. We only call him that at home now. Shockingly, if I use the name Milton to call either of them, they know who I’m calling haha. I think it’s the tone I use lol.