How to Set Up the Ultimate Snack Center

Hello, everyone! The post is finally here! For so long I have wanted a snack center in my house, but I just didn’t get around to it because of everything going on in the kitchen…and everywhere else. Actually, it’s because of the kitchen remodel that the snack center idea finally came to fruition. It all started because we love to entertain, we don’t want to get “caught out there” not having a quick snack if someone were to drop by, and it just looks cute! Lol.

Below, I will show you step-by-step how to create your own snack center. I will also link exact and similar items below. I will find the most inexpensive option in all things, but here’s how ours looks…
First of all, start with the piece of furniture. This blueish unit used to house our cable box, xBox, etc., until we bought something else. I like the fact it’s closed to keep away dust, but I’ve seen options on Pinterest where the unit is open. Look at this one! This one is one I really wanted to build and this one is also perfect because then I could have little popcorn bags because of the microwave. If you’re short on space, try something like this.

Next, purchase the coffee maker of your choice. I have the Keurig K575 2.0, but any machine you have will work. I only want the best coffee and drink options. I went with Starbucks Pike Place Roast, Starbucks Hot Chocolate, Starbucks Chai Tea Latte, and Starbucks Vanilla Caramel Latte. I will eventually add Tazo Passion Iced Tea and other options as we run out of the current offerings. The only thing I won’t change is the Pike Place Roast. That’s the only coffee I drink.The next most important thing was to have snacks. We will rotate between cookies, granola bars, peanuts/trail mix, chips, fruit snacks, etc. I found these white, rectangular baskets at Home Goods and they were perfect for the space. Again, I will link some below, but try Ross, Target, and Marshall’s too. Try this one or even this one for your space. I found the wrought iron piece with the hooks at Ross. I just went in there ‘looking’ lol, and when I saw it I could barely contain myself. I wasn’t too sure if I wanted the whole ‘hook’ look, but when we took it home and put it up, I was so pleased with it. This one is just hooks that you can place under a shelf, but this one is like the one I have. Again, try Hobby Lobby, Ross, Home Goods, and other such stores. The other option was putting shelves on the wall instead of buying something. We wanted to make sure we had a small light for ambiance and so we don’t have to always turn on the kitchen lights just to make coffee. The basket holding my K cups is a Princess House fruit bowl. This basket is one I would have bought if I didn’t already have something…and I still almost bought it lol. I thought it would have looked great even on top of the shelf. I would have bought three for the different drink options, but since I already had this piece, I just used what I had. Inside the piece of furniture, there are cups of different sizes. As I mentioned earlier, we will add a hot tea and an iced tea option in the near future. The hot tea will be for company because we really only prefer loose tea and would rather serve that, but for something quicker, the K cups will suffice.

When getting mugs for your snack center, go all out! Get some fun cups. The ‘mocha’ cups in our center are clearance items from Pier 1. Again, we have so many cups in the house, but I still wanted some sense of uniformity, so that’s why I didn’t want a bunch of random cups in there #mildlyocd lol. Also, during the holiday season, it would be great to swap out for more festive options.  HERE is the mug set I have wanted for almost FOUR years!!! I am buying them this year! They sell out very quickly. For the holidays, think peppermint sticks, marshmallows, sprinkles, etc. if you set up a hot cocoa bar during the festivities.

Right below is the wall decal we purchased. When you look at the other pictures, you’ll see why we didn’t get a large decal. We didn’t want it to overpower the space. We put it right in the middle of the snack center so it looked more contained. This is what we bought, but this is what we almost bought. It just didn’t feel complete until the decal went on the wall.
Something else you might need is a sugar bowl and creamer set. I bought this white set at Marshall’s, though we have two other sets for the other dishes we have. Look how cute this one is, and this one, and this one! You could get carried away with options 🙂
On the very top, I placed a peacock candle I bought from Pier 1 along with two red topiaries which were also from Pier 1 (all clearance). Once we do the final kitchen reveal, you’ll see why we decorated with pops of red. The only thing missing are designated snack bar spoons or stirrers. They will go in the mason jar in the back. 

I had wanted to do this for awhile. I don’t personally love people just stopping by unannounced, but if, and when it does happen, at least we can have a quick snack to offer until we make something more substantial. Also, my kid thinks it’s pretty neat to have the snack center and also the beverage center in the kitchen island. I never thought having a snack center would be so fun, but I find myself looking for snacks to replenish what’s in there. The other thing that’s great is that having the snack center provides a visual cue that lets us know when we’re running low on snacks. I can see that we might be in need of something and I get so excited thinking about the new yummy thing to buy. I know, I know. I’m weird. Also, I love not having the coffee machine on the kitchen counter.

What are your thoughts? Are you ready to set up your snack center? Do you have any questions on anything I’ve posted? Need to know where to buy something? Leave a comment or shoot me an email.



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