Bow Front Shirt and 3 Things to Throw Out of Your Closet!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have been waiting several weeks to share the details of this shirt with you. Several reasons why I couldn’t/didn’t share include not having a camera, being so backed up with my sponsored posts because of not having a camera, traveling to NY and Indianapolis, and the end of the Bible Quizzing year had me so stressed lol. I will fill you in on the details soon.

The shirt is only $18 and is so cute because you can tie the bow in the front or the back, and the lantern sleeves are so dramatic. Also, every time I wear it, I receive dozens of compliments. You can click on the picture at the very bottom or look in the slide show to view/buy it. I linked similar items as well. One faux leather skirt I linked is under $9, and it’ll make a great piece for the fall.

Shop the look:

Here are three things you need to throw out of your closet:

  1. Flip flops – who even invented them?! They are so ultra-casual I can’t even stand them, especially when they’re worn to semi-formal events. I don’t think they can ever be dressed up enough to be suitable for any event. I have a pair too hahahaha.
  2. Fanny packs – unless you work in the Louis Vuitton store or the brand you carry is Gucci, please throw it away!
  3. The look of jeans skirts and sneakers. Unless you are a 12 year-old girl, please invest in some comfortable flats and keep it moving. Then I want a pair of white Converse for his very reason lol.

That is all haha. (The points I wrote were just for fun). Thanks for reading! Look below for a direct link to this shirt (which is only $18!) and similar shoes and skirts.



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