Three Ways to Wear Tribal Print and Why You Should Start a Blog

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Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am still recovering from my whirlwind trip to New York last week. We went up last week Wednesday morning, and we were back in Florida by Monday night. We drove…like, who even does that?! ūüė≥

I couldn’t even wait to get home to share this custom-made beauty with you. It’s a tribal print skirt from Attolle’ Clothiers and if you take a look at their website, you will be blown away by the prints on their clothing. The pieces are so unique, and you will love them all. If you want to make a statement, do not hesitate to visit their site.

Here’s a bit about the company:¬†Attolle’ Clothiers is a U.S. based fashion house, using heritage and other fine prints. They specialize in modest designs and custom-made outfits. ¬†All items are custom made at NO extra charge. You can¬†email them here:, but you can also visit the site HERE.¬†You can use code ‘NYCgirl’¬†to save $10 on your purchase!

The skirt I have is called the Medallion Midi Skirt and is available in sizes 6-20. Also, the skirt has a wide, elastic band which makes it very comfortable to wear. The skirt was made to fit me, and that is something worth every bit of money that you would spend on it. It was sewn really well, the length is perfect for this modest gal, and the fabric is lightweight for hot climates. And, guess what?!! It has pockets!!!! That’s a huge win in my book!¬†The estimated time is 2 weeks to have it custom made and shipped out.

I think one of the best ways to wear this skirt is with a lightweight denim button-down shirt and some nude heels. This skirt would also look really good with a white blazer and black heels. The colors are vibrant and will pop nicely with neutral coordinating pieces. The only thing I wouldn’t do is wear other patterns with it. Right below you will find the other two fabrics that are also available. I can’t wait to see the one you choose!

I decided to show you three ways to wear it because I think sometimes we all get overwhelmed with how to wear certain types of clothing. As my hubby always says, “I make the clothes. The clothes don’t make me.” If you keep that in mind, you won’t be intimidated to try new things. Who says you can’t wear a denim jacket to tone down the print? Or why can’t you wear a popping white blazer to take it to the office? I even wore it with a black lightweight sweater to make the colors really stand out. The latter way is probably how I would wear it to church. This piece is versatile and you can wear both sandals and heels and still look fab. Even changing your accessories such as bags and watches will give it a different look.

Please tell me below if you’ve had clothes custom made for you and how you liked it. Also, which look above was your favorite?

So, have you ever thought abut starting a blog? Here are a few reasons why I think you should:

  1. It’ll make you a better writer – writing a blog makes you have to write…and know how get your point across in an effective manner.
  2. It’ll make you more creative – writing a blog will make you have to find ways to portray content in a beautiful and fun way.
  3. You have a lot to say – many people don’t realize how much they have to say so they say a little here and there and overwhelm the people following them. Start a blog and put it all in there.
  4. You post a lot of pictures…all on the same day – instead of posting 10 pictures of you and your kids at the zoo and spamming ¬†your followers’ feeds, start ¬†blog. Post allllllll those family day pics there. Use a teaser photo and encourage people to go to the blog to see the rest.
  5. It’s not that expensive – there are free options using or I actually don’t recommend either of these. I recommend where you can use your own domain name, but you have to pay for monthly hosting. The latter option is best if you ever intend to try to make money from the content you post on your blog.
  6. We can become blogger besties – hehe, but seriously, the blogging community is wonderful and supportive, and it has been such a joy to meet some of the amazing ladies I’ve met so far.

Do you write a blog? I’d love to read it, so if you do, please leave your website address below.


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