My Marshall’s Surprise

Happy Friday, lovelies! Yay for the holiday weeekend! What plans do you have? I am sitting at the dealership waiting to get not one, but two cars serviced 😜

Anywho, remember a few weeks ago on my Instastories when I went through the whole ordeal of which stores I loved and which ones gave me headaches? 😂 Well, I told you that thrift stores were overwhelming for me because of how much clothes was stuffed on the racks. I also told you how much I loved Ross and Marshall’s, and sometimes there are still soooo many clothes on the inner racks.

Well, a few weeks ago, I was contacted by Marshall’s. They wanted me to go shopping and share with my readers what I found. I was so excited because I always find such great deals there, especially for my house! It’s actually one of the only stores I frequent where almost every time I go, I buy something.

So here’s what happened: I went to Marshall’s, which I normally do at least two to four times a month. I usually stay on the outer racks, lol, simply because I get overwhelmed. When I do go into the inner racks, I walk quickly by them and skim and if I see something interesting (which I usually do hehe), I pull at it so I can further inspect.

Anyway, almost immediately I found two super cute white skirts. I went for the one with the lower price ($14.99), and then I found a pretty shirt to match (19.99). It was actually a tough choice because I found so many cute tops! If you remember, I asked you on Instagram which skirt you liked best and also showed you the tops while I was in the dressing room. After I chose the outfit, I even went to look at shoes, but decided against it because I’m trying to sell my shoes instead of buying more.

I wanted to make sure I picked up things I actually needed. I found a dish drying mat for my house. It was perfect because the price was great ($3.99) and it had the colors that match my house. I also found an exercise band that I wanted. I was so ecstatic because I had just started using Beach Body and the days on which I needed an exercise band, I didn’t have one. I found this one for half the price of the ones I’d seen online. When I was checking out, I realized I had $2.49 remaining, so I picked up a protein drink for $2.39 and had $.10 to spare 😀

So, this is my take away: Marshall’s is one of the stores in which I grew up shopping. I feel very comfortable shopping at the store and I love the fact that I can get quality items, designer pieces, and I know I’ll get them for a great price. I remember when I rented my first apartment, I had gone to Marshall’s to buy Mikasa and other household items because I knew I could get quality there for a great price.

The bad: This is difficult to write because it’s actually not a BAD thing. I still get overwhelmed when shopping in stores like Marshall’s because of how much is on the rack. It’s not a bad thing for Marshall’s shoppers. It’s just a personal issue I have to deal with. Even with that said, I still have a MUCH easier time at Marshall’s than I do at other stores like it because the clothes are organized and the racks are well-labeled.

The good: as pointed out in the bad, there are a lot of clothes on the racks. That’s actually a good thing for most of us lol. Also, I love the fact that there are a lot of racks with just a few items on them so you can still shop without feeling overwhelmed. What I LOVE is that on these outer racks, you can find several of the same pieces of clothing in different sizes. A frustrating part about shopping at thrift stores is you find something but you can’t find your size. Marshall’s isn’t like that with all their clothes. Not only that, there are always designer pieces for a bargain price. Another good point is if you are shopping for your home, I would strongly recommend Marshall’s because of all the cute and coordinating things they have for homes. I have bought furniture, pictures, tea party accessories, wrapping paper, and the list goes on. I go up and help my sister decorate her home and I shop down here in Florida and bring up my Marshall’s finds all the time. I frequent three stores for home goods, and Marshall’s is always one of those stores. I will show you some of the finds from my home as I share the kitchen remodel with you, but there are a lot of items all throughout my home from Marshall’s. I even made a snack center in the kitchen recently with all the items from Marshall’s and the other home goods stores I love. I’ll be sharing that with you soon.

To the Marshall’s team, thank you so much for reaching out to me and for partnering with me. I had fun, I found great deals, and I will be in store soon to decorate two of my parents’ rooms! To my readers, what do you love  most about Marshall’s?



Disclosure: even though I received these items as a gift, all the opinions are mine.

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  • I enjoy shopping at Marshalls and consider it a “sure thing” kind of place. I love their skin care products and have found a few facial creams that were outstanding and a really great price as well. However I also love the thrill of shopping at resale shops. Lol! You never know what you will find and that is exciting.

    • Joy,

      Hahaha. I love the “sure thing” you mentioned. I really would love to fall in love with thrift stores. Everyone else loves them. I think I would need a buddy lol. Maybe consignment shops would be the way to ease me in? Lol.


  • That’s awesome that they contacted you because I’ve heard you talk about them a lot before! I get overwhelmed in stores easily, so I agree that it’s all about the layout and how things are organized! I like it when other people look and they just pull out the good stuff for me to look at…ha!

    • Hahaha. Yes! I love that too! I always shop there and I always find a good deal. I don’t think I ever go there without buying something lol. Or I see something I like and then go home and think about it and then go back and buy it. I don’t think I do that at many other stores lol.