Body Dress, Vest, and Why I Chose Modesty

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! I receive so many questions about my choice to dress modestly and I usually respond to each person individually, but I thought it was time to write a blog post about it.

There really is no puzzle about the whole thing. I cling to specific verses in the bible about the distinction of appearances for men and women, and I choose to distinguish myself by only wearing dresses and skirts. Maybe for someone else, that might be something else. In situations where a dress or skirt is inappropriate (skiing, horseback riding, swimming, etc.), modesty is what prevails. My choice is not between a skirt or a pair of jeans in certain situations. My choice is between  modesty and immodesty.

Dressing modestly is a choice. For me, modest dressing isn’t a fad. It isn’t something I’m doing to pass the time until I find something else to do. I work with so many Instagram clothing boutiques and larger companies such as Macy’s and Marshall’s. Even when I don’t work with “modest” clothing companies, I choose the most modest piece I can find or I accessorize with pieces that can turn that immodest piece into a piece that a modest gal will wear.

I hope as you follow along on this journey, I can inspire you to stay true to your modest roots. Don’t give up. Continue to honor the Lord with your choice. He will honor you. It is not a waste of time, energy, and effort. Just keep these things in mind, especially if there are times you might be considering giving up your modest journey.

  1. Sometimes it’s a little more expensive and sometimes it requires you to wear a little more to cover up certain areas. That’s okay though, isn’t it? For many modest dressers, modesty is a lifestyle. Investing in certain pieces is key to achieving the look you want.
  2. There are so many types of ‘fad-dish’ clothes that are simply not available to the modest gal. There have been so many times I had to bring back shirts because the sleeves left my shoulders too ‘cold’ hehe.
  3. There are many degrees of modesty, and you will see that all over Instagram, so stay true to yourself. For instance, I don’t wear jewelry (besides my wedding band) or make up…at all. I also don’t participate in loop giveaways that promote make up and jewelry.
  4. Look for companies that offer clothing for modest ladies. They are out there. I share them with you all week long on here and on Instagram and I always offer discount codes.
  5. If not, follow my @thegirlfromnyc Instagram page and this blog for tips and tricks about how to navigate trying to find modest clothes.
  6. Look for pieces that help you to partake in some fad-dish pieces while offering coverage.
  7. Modesty does NOT mean frumpy. Go for it! Snazz it up a bit 🙂

I was so blessed recently to work with two companies that absolutely understand this issue in which modest ladies find themselves. The first company is ShopYanni. This is the second time I worked with them. They specialize in (modest) body dresses, tube skirts, pencil skirts, and other cute items. What I LOVE about ShopYanni’s body dress is it is the PERFECT layering piece whether or not you dress modestly. First of all, the day I wore this outfit, it was like 2,81o,470,275 degrees in Florida and I was NOT HOT!! ShopYanni GETS it. This dress comes in several colors, it’s like a second skin so it doesn’t add bulk and can easily be worn under anything to add coverage. You can even size up to have it fit loosely and wear it by itself. It goes below the knees so it’s definitely possible. You can try out this amazing dress and anything on their site by using code ‘girlfromnyc’ to save 10%. This is my second dress, and I’m pretty sure you won’t stop at one either 🙂

The next company is Deela_Couture. The item I’m wearing from them is that cute black and white striped vest. I could see wearing this vest over the body dress, over a swing dress, or even wearing it to work for a more formal look. When I received the vest and the body dress, the lightbulb went off in my head. I mean, talk about two pieces that are perfect for each other! Deela_Couture is offering 25% to my readers/followers with code ‘girlfromnyc25’ so hop on over there quickly to snag some pieces now! Wait until you see the cute clothing they have. The vest comes in two colors.


Oh, and these are the shoes my sister brought for me on her trip to Florida last week! Love them!!! I found a pair of you in the widget that costs less than $55! They look juuuuuuust like them! Also, I found a bag for you that looks just like my Kelly bag that costs $28! Also, I linked some pleated, faux leather skirts starting at under $22! Take a look at the widget above 🙂

If you have any specific questions for me, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, please subscribe to the blog at the top right hand corner of this page.

So, tell me what you’re journey has been. I’d love to hear about it.



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  • I totally agree with you on modesty! My choice to wear dresses and skirts is about modesty, but as you mentioned, it’s also about distinction. I could probably wear wind pants and be modest, but I don’t see that as being feminine lol But if it were a situation where a skirt just couldn’t be modest, I agree that modesty would trump distinction 😉 I do wear makeup and jewelry, but I actually have a conviction about it as well! I believe it should fall under the whole aspect of being modest and not draw attention to myself, so I try not to do anything flashy and keep it simple. I love that you did this post! Hopefully others will read it and be encouraged!

    • That’s so neat, Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing your convictions with me. I was not convicted about it for a long time. It took something my pastor said for the light bulb to go off haha. What I love is that no one ever forced anything on me or told me what I had to do. Thanks for reading!