Scalloped Dress and Some Life Updates

Happy Friday, everyone! I feel as though I need to have a blog re-entry party hehe. I have been so swamped with…everything! First of all, we had the preparation for Junior Bible Quizzing State Finals. Then, we had to prepare Milton Anthony for his Senior Bible Quizzing State Finals. His team went undefeated at the tournament, they came in first place, he was quizzer of the year, and he was the highest-scoring-individual for his division (and for the entire tournament). After that, we had family visiting for six days. They just left last night. The biggest issue I had was the fact that I had camera for almost a month, and it took forever to decide which one I wanted. The age old debate was  go back to Nikon or try the Canon. The next thing was deciding between the two Canon models. I decided to go with the Canon 80D, but I still have to learn how to use it. If you have any tips, please help lol. The only lens I bought was the 50MM 1.8 for portraits, but I know I’ll need a telephoto lens. If you have recommendations for that too, please share. I could really use the help. I do have a lot to share with you over the next few weeks, so hang tight and I’ll get started.

The first is this amazing dress from Boutique47_ on Instagram. It comes in white and navy. I absolutely love this dress! I’ve actually worn it three times since I received it, but you know if you haven’t posted it on Instagram, it didn’t really happen, right?!!! Haha. I wore it once with a denim jacket and leopard accessories. I’ve now worn it twice with this gold light sweater and gold sandals that have the glittered heels. The heels are no longer available, but I did my best to link some similar ones. I paid $15 and the ones above start at just above that price. I think it adds a great touch to your outfit.

Here are the reasons I absolutely love this dress and why you need one too:

  1. Soft material – it is so soft and comfortable
  2. Wrinkle-free – who wants to iron?!
  3. Scallops – such a cute and trendy look
  4. Eyelet details – the design falls below the knees
  5. Great price – you can also use my discount code
  6. Ultra-feminine look – great for the summer
  7. Versatile – wear with or without a jacket or sweater

The best part is that I have a discount code you can use either on this dress or anything in the shop. The code is ‘thegirlfromnyc’ to save 15% on all orders!

Please tag me and use hashtag #girlfromnycstylepics when you wear your dress 🙂

Have a great day!


P.S. The last two pics are from the Senior Bible Quizzing State Finals. That was the outfit I wore to the banquet. I linked the shoes in the widget above. Milton Anthony is holding his trophy (a piece is missing and will be here soon). And yes, I know my belt fell a little low on the dress (yikes), but it’s okay lol. It’s not the end of the world 🙂


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