Your Must-Have Floral Dress and How-to

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! Have I ever told you how ridiculous I am? You see these shoes I’m wearing in these pictures? Well, I have a funny story to tell you. So, a friend of mine sent me a coupon for $5 off a Poshmark purchase. I am one of those people that will usually buy something if I have a coupon lol. Seriously, if I have a coupon, I will find something to buy. Almost anything hehe.

Anywho, I went on Poshmark, found these super-cute laser cut shoes and just knew I would save some extra money by purchasing them. Well, to make long story short, I didn’t see a place to put in the coupon, but I had used the link my friend gave me, so I thought the coupon would automatically be applied. Nooo….that’s not what happened. After I accepted the counter-offer, my account was immediately charged. No coupon was applied, and I didn’t even know the payment was taken right away. That was the first time I’d ever bought anything on Poshmark. Whoops!

I’ve since realized how much I really like them. I receive so many compliments on them and when I tell people how much I paid, no one ever believes me. What’s awesome is how amazingly well the shoes match my cross body. I wear them together ALLLLLL the time! The blue color is so electrifying and fun. I especially loved pairing them up to wear with this beautiful floral dress from Modest_Haute_Couture.

Remember that last week I wrote about how to choose the right partnerships for brand collaborations. I employed the same method for this collaboration as well. I went on Modest_Haute_Couture‘s Instagram page and fell in love with this floral dress. Floral dresses are the thing right now. I liked this one because the it’s not overrun with flowers. There’s a lot of white on it and the colors of the flowers are so pretty. It’s the perfect floral dress for spring and summer.

I really like the way this dress fits. There seems to be a sort of fitted feel under the bust area and the sleeves are not loose and baggy like some dresses I’ve seen. One of the worst things for me is when the sleeves of a dress or shirt are ill-fitting. I always have an issue with weird sleeves because they get in the way of…well…life lol.

The best part? You can now get 20% off your entire purchase on their site with code ‘SAVE20NOW’ simply because I love you!!! There are several items I really like including this long skirt with the ruffled bottom. Also, look at the denim skirt with the ruffled bottom. They are so fab!

The dress is lined but not with one of those still linings that make you feel as if you can’t breathe haha. It’s a soft lining that is the length of the dress. Again, it’s not one of those linings that stop mid-thigh. I really don’t like those at all. You wear it and feel as if you still need a slip or something to cover the rest of your legs.

Now, tell me. Have you heard of RewardStyle and If you’re a blogger, you probably do, and if you follow a lot of bloggers on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve come across it as well.

  • What is it? It’s an invitation-only web tool that helps style publishers find and monetize their content. It’s literally a blogger’s dream to be accepted into this program. As a blogger, you have to apply and wait to be accepted. I personally applied like 7o,293,048,293,757 times lol. Just kidding, but I did apply several times.
  • Why use it? When bloggers post pictures on Instagram, many times they are asked where they bought a certain item. RewardStyle and makes it easy for the blogger to find the items they are wearing/featuring and make it super easy for their followers to find/buy the same or similar item.
  • How does it work? A blogger posts a picture on Instagram that is enabled with links attached to it. These links take them to the brand’s site to be able to purchase the item(s). When a shopper likes a picture on Instagram, they receive an email with information about where they can buy the item(s) that are in the picture.
  • How do you sign up to shop? There are two ways you can sign up to view/purchase items from your favorite bloggers. First, you can receive the items via email. When you click on the picture on Instagram, you will receive an email with all the items that have links to them. From there, you can shop those items. The other way is by downloading the App. With this app, you can actually screenshot the picture (or a picture in their Instastory) and receive a push notification with ready-to-shop product information.
  • Do I recommend it? I absolutely do! It goes without saying that the blogger receives a small commission of the sales from items they’ve shared, but this program makes it super easy for both blogger and follower alike. Until you actually start blogging and trying to locate the things you’re sharing in an easy way for people to find them, you might not realize how much work is involved. Before being accepted to the program, I would search several sites to be able to link things for you. Many times, you don’t know what people will want to buy, and one person asks for ‘this’ while another person asks for ‘that.’ Being able to link all the items in one place is such a time-saver. Also, if you want to buy something, it’s okay to ask the blogger where she/he bought something, but if they are in this program, why not sign up for it and make it easier to find those items? Don’t forget that time is sometimes of the essence with these items. It’s better to err on the side of knowing what the item is and not buying it than to wait to hear from the person and not being able to find the product/site. The best part is that if you follow several style influencers, it also saves you time from asking every single one of them where they bought a particular item and having to remember all those details.
  • How will I use it? Well, I buy clothes, accessories, housewares, etc. from all over, so whenever I can, I will link the exact item in my picture, but I will also try to find similar items and even items that have the same look but costs less. Take the cross body in the pictures above. In the widget just below my pictures, I linked very similar bags by the same company, but then I also found similar ‘dupes’ for the tiniest fraction of the cost. I will always do that. I love look-for-less items. It’s the same notion I employ when remodeling a space. I find something I like but then recreate the look for less.

So, I would honestly recommend you downloading the app or signing up to receive emails. There’s no pressure. If you like something, buy it. If you don’t, then maybe there will be something you like next time.

Tell me your thoughts below. Are you a member? Have you signed up? If not, what are you waiting for?! 🙂



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  • I had no idea you had to be invited into the program! That makes sense 😉 And ahhh, I hate that with the slips too! It’s like, why even have one if you’re going to have it like that?? lol!

    • Hahaha. Seriously. You have a slip and then you need to wear another. Like, why?! Lol. Yes, you apply to the program and then wait to be accepted.