Affordable Whitening for Sensitive Teeth and Choosing the Perfect Brand Collaborations

Here is the Before photo…This is the kit I received from Smile Brilliant…This is the tray I used to make the impressions for my teeth…

I mixed these together to form a clay and when pressed into the tray in the picture above, I was able to make impressions of my teeth to send back to them for them to create the molds for my whitening…

TMI, but here is what I made with the clay. I sent it to them and they send me the trays…Here is what I used for whitening…

And…here is the after picture! Completely unedited. I have white teeth!!

One of the most important things when you start a blog is to know your niche. Once you have that figured out, choosing the right partners with whom to collaborate is extremely important. Take this product, Smile Brilliant Whitening, for example. I had been contacted by several other companies to try their whitening products. It wasn’t until I was contacted by Smile Brilliant that I accepted a partnership.

Several reasons I chose this collaboration is because when I realized I could whiten my EXTREMELY sensitive teeth at home, I was elated! Not only that, but it is an affordable system, and I really thought my social media friends/blog readers would want to know about it. Also, did you know that over 60% of people have sensitive teeth? I thought I was one of the only weirdos who couldn’t chew into ice cream, etc., but apparently, I’m in the majority? Now do you see why I couldn’t resist trying the system?

First of all, let me tell you a little background story. A few years ago, we were choosing dental coverage for the year. We were asked whether or not we wanted orthodontic coverage. We declined it, but four months later, I was getting braces. So…yes, I had to pay out of pocket…and it was not cheap. I wear retainers twice a week now, have some more work to do, but until then, whitening was the next step. Again, having sensitive teeth and being able to whiten in the comfort of my home was perfect.

One of the major concerns I had for my readers was the price. This whitening system has several price points depending on how badly stained your teeth are. Even using the system is convenient. Shoot, most of the time I was using them, I was scrolling through pics on my phone or reading a book or even out running errands. Whitening my teeth was done when I wanted to do it. I was not inconvenienced at all. Several times I even had to run to the grocery store, but no one was the wiser because the trays are not bulky. You could never tell I had them in my mouth.

In the kit itself is enough whitening gel to initially whiten your teeth and then to do touch ups as you please. To be honest, there was one time when I wanted to scale back on the whitening because of my sensitivity, and they told me exactly how to continue the whitening without causing me any pain. I couldn’t believe it.

So, not only do I want you to give them a try, I am confident your teeth will be so beautifully white you won’t even believe it. I drink coffee every day, and sometimes twice a day, and I found the system easily removed the stains. It is affordable and something that will greatly help with showing off those pearly whites.

What I loved about this system is that after whitening several times, there is still enough left over to do touch-ups several times, and the system is very easy to use.

Here are some articles you’ll definitely want to read these: 7 things to know before buying teeth whitening one, teeth whitening reviews one, and tooth sensitivity causes, solutions, and prevention one for sure! After reading them, a light bulb went off for me, and I’m so glad I was able to use this product. And, before you go, you can enter a giveaway HERE! All you need to do is enter your name and email address – super easy! The giveaway lasts for two weeks, but if you happen to buy the system, you can save 5% with code ‘thegirlfromnyc5’ at checkout.

So, how do you know how to choose your perfect partners for collaborations? After I received many offers for whitening systems, I chose this one. Here’s how you can know which ones to choose:

  1. Be picky. Choose companies that represent the niche of your blog. Partnering up with Smile Brilliant was perfect for me because I was able to review a product that I could write a book about. As I told you before, I had several companies contact me, but Smile Brilliant was the company that aligned with what I believed I would use.
  2. Be honest. If you just choose random companies for partnerships, your readers will see right through that. First of all, I never write a review on a product I’ve never used. Period. You will lose all credibility if you do this. We all know that results can vary between people, but if I KNOW something worked for me, then I can at least stand behind that. If I didn’t use the Smile Brilliant system, there would be no way I could try to convince others that it worked. How would I know?
  3. Stay true to yourself. Don’t just accept products because you want freebies. Do you know how many companies have contacted me to receive something and I had to turn them down? I don’t wear makeup or jewelry (besides a wedding band), so if I’m ever contacted for those kinds of collaborations, I politely decline the offer. You have to stay true to your readership and to yourself. Again, I have always and forever wanted to whiten my teeth. None of the companies that reached out to me had a plan for my sensitive teeth. Even during treatment, Smile Brilliant told me how to overcome any sensitivity I was feeling. Don’t forget, whitening your teeth is not actually cake walk, but it helped to know I could continue to whiten even while feeling the sensitivity.
  4. Know your audience. I know the readers of this blog are into looking and feeling good. Again, I try to share clothing and shoes and the items I review. There are times I’m wearing something that might cost a lot of money, but I will always try to find the exact thing I’m wearing or a look-for-less option. When reviewing this product, I knew my readers would be interested in it because personal hygiene, pampering oneself, and self-care are all very important.
  5. Give your honest opinion. Yes, you might want to be nice to a company that has sent you something for free, but whatever you do, give an honest review. For instance, I had tried other whitening methods at home before, but none worked. The latest was peroxide…yikes! After using the Smile Brilliant ONE TIME, I noticed a visible difference. If I had not seen a change after several treatments, I would have stopped using it, and I would have written my review, and told you exactly what the outcome was. For your readers, you must tell them the true experience you’ve had with a product. They will detect the authenticity of your posts and be able to trust you, or they will stop reading if you are merely pushing out content that’s false.

So, I have several questions for you: Have you ever whitened your teeth? If so, what did you use? Did it work? Do you write a blog? Have you been approached by brands wanting to work with you? If so, have you ever accepted a product in which you didn’t believe?

Let me know your thoughts below?

Again, go HERE to easily enter the giveaway! Also, please share this article with anyone that will find it beneficial.



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  • I was actually reading an article about that the other day, how as a blogger, you don’t need to just accept a collab for the freebies, and you need to be honest with your readers about the pro’s and con’s! I actually never get collab offers, like ever..haha! So I’m not in the best position to comment here lol But I have been thinking about that, how if I ever do get an offer to collab, I need to be picky with who I choose, instead of just grabbing up any offers that come my way! I follow one blogger who will do reviews from time to time, and she’s always very honest, and I love that!