Camille Dress Review and Operation: Get a New Camera

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! So, if you have been following along on my Instastories, you know that I posted my digital camera for sale. I had so much interest but no takers. I listed the camera on Amazon, received a ton of questions about it, but didn’t do much with it after that.

Well, I just sold it a few days ago…but I don’t have a camera to use now. Yikes! I even went one step further and decided to list my 50mm lens last night…that sold today! Oh mah gah! Operation: Get a New Camera is in full effect. Hehe. What am I going to do? Luckily, I have an idea of what I want: either the Canon 70d or 80d.

So, now that I’ll be without a camera for at least a week, I made a mad dash to take pictures of the latest items I wanted to share with you.

The first is this beautiful peplum dress from the Sacramento Skirt StoreThis dress is called the ‘Camille’ and comes in four colors. I chose the black because every time I choose something for a collaboration, I always envision how I will wear it and present it to my readers. This look is exactly the look I wanted.

The material on the dress is very soft, stretchy, and the fit is extremely flattering. One of the things I love the most is the fact that it goes below my knees! I hate when you buy something with this kind of fit and then you have to use an extender to get coverage. Don’t get me wrong, I love extenders, but I also like the fact that this was long enough on its own.

The back of the dress uses a zip closure and it is relatively easy to put on and take off. It fits extremely well and can be worn for many different occasions. I can see wearing this to the office, church, or another event requiring something classy. To be honest, that is the word I would use for the Camille dress. It has a timeless, classical cut, fit, and look.

But wait! The best part is that even though the Camille has an already-low price, you can save an additional 15% off ALL the Camille Peplum Dresses by using the coupon code: ‘Camille!’ Yay! I love cute AND affordable clothing!

Remember to use the hashtag: ‘girlfromnycstylepics’ when you purchase and wear something I recommended. I’d love to feature you on my Instagram page!

So, to pull together the perfect look, I paired this beauty with my black ankle strap shoes, tortoise shell glasses, and a structured bag. I love these shoes so much I bought them in two colors (and want the other colors as well). They are very comfortable, the heel is a good height, and the price on them is great! You’ll find the exact pair and similar ones below.

*From the designer: Want to know a secret? Mamita Cardinal, owner of Sacramento Skirt Store, does not consider herself to be a designer…she sees herself as a ‘solution finder!’ When she travels with her daughters, they often find darling clothes and challenge themselves to upgrade it into a cuter and more modest piece. She then takes these original designs and makes them exclusive by making them available to only a handful of boutiques in the US, including her own.



P.S. If you have any tips on the Canon cameras, please let me know.

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