The Best Tulle Skirt and Hashtags Explained

Happy Tuesday! So if you watch my Instastories, you know I have a ‘thing’ where I go to the store “not to buy anything,” but I always see something I like. I usually love it, don’t buy it, and then go home and agonize over it until I go back the next day to buy it.

That happened with these shoes. I went to Marshall’s ‘just to kill time’ lol and ended up seeing these suede beauties! They were so nice, but the size they had was a half size too big. Would I have let that stop me? No, haha. I actually didn’t go back to the store for a week. I forgot what I was doing when all of a sudden it hit me. I had to get those shoes! 🙂 When I went back, they had my size!!

What I like about them is that they have block heels, they are comfortable, and the price was great. I found the exact shoes for you below, but I was also able to find similar velvet shoes for half the price. I did the same with the watch. I listed my exact watch and then a similar one. What I like about my watch is that you can buy different bands and change them whenever you want to change the look of your watch. Easy as pie.

Now, the most important part of my outfit in these pictures is my tulle skirt! Let me tell you how this came about. I contacted B.H. Grace Boutique to ask if they wanted to collaborate with me. They agreed and said they would send me a skirt. When I received it, I knew it would not be like the others. To be honest, this is not the only tulle skirt I’ve ever owned. I bought three before, but I never wore them. Why? I did not like the fit. I was a bit skeptical about it when I received it because I didn’t know what to expect. I was worried I wouldn’t like it…just like I didn’t like the other ones I had bought. Boy was I wrong!

This tulle skirt is amazing! First of all, it is only slightly puffy. It is poofy enough to look like an amazing tulle skirt, but not so big around that you feel awkward. Have you seen some with one million layers? Yea, that doesn’t work for me haha. The best part is that the waist is elastic, but the band is wide so it is very comfortable. It does pinch or squeeze at all. The length is great. I didn’t need to wear anything to extend it, and even though it’s white, I didn’t need a slip because you can’t see through it. That was helpful in this Florida heat. The last thing I wanted was another layer.

I do have to admit that I did feel like a princess while wearing it. To keep the outfit from being too over-the-top, I dressed it down by wearing a shell and a belted cardigan. By doing this, I can wear it to church and not feel as though it’s only for a ball hehe. Another way to wear this would be to wear it with a cropped denim jacket, a denim or plaid shirt, and dare I say…Converse sneakers or cowgirl boots?! I think that would look awesome!

Anyhow, I linked mostly everything else, but if you would like to get your own tulle skirt, or anything in their store, use code ‘SPRINGINNYC’ for 15%!! This company has great customer service and you will not be disappointed in the quality of their pieces. Also, the packaging for the skirt was sooooo cute I didn’t even want to open it lol.

My exact shoes:

Look-for-less option:

My exact watch:

Look-for-less option:

So, if you read last week’s blog post (if you haven’t, you should lol), I wrote about the importance of an Instagram bio and what should be included in yours. This week, I want to continue to explain a bit more of a topic on which I briefly touched a few weeks ago.

Do you know to effectively use hashtags? If you don’t, don’t be dismayed. Not everyone does, and how can you blame them? Things are always changing. I am in no way an expert, but I’ve learned a few things I’d like to share.

  1. If your account is private, hashtags are meaningless. Hashtags are meant to organize your pictures in Instagram and using them is great for others to be able to find you. If you have a private page, the only people who can see your photos in those hashtag categories are the people you have allowed to follow you. Using hashtags on a private account won’t garner you new followers because they can’t see your images.
  2. Hashtags need to be simple. Before, I wrote about long, complicated hashtags no one can read. You’ve seen it before, and you’ve probably done it too. I know I did. Don’t do this: #bestbeachvacationeverhadbyanyone. Um…what??!! Lol. Who can, and who wants to read that? If you want to be found by new users, you have to keep your hashtags short, sweet, and simple. Do this instead: #beachday #beachbum #beachvacation #saltlife #vacation. Ask yourself what the odds are that someone is looking for that long, drawn out, and hard-to-read hashtag. Not only that, but there might only be one or two other photos in that hashtag category.
  3. Hashtags need to be relevant. You don’t want to post a picture of chocolate and then hashtag it #sofun #blackbeauty or some other random thing. It is kind of annoying to be looking through hashtag categories and seeing random photos that seem out of place. It’s also good courtesy. I know what you might be thinking. Some people might actually click on your randomly hash-tagged photo and look and follow you. Maybe. I wouldn’t lol. I would wonder why someone put their photo in an odd place. Instead, take high-quality photos and use relevant hashtags. That’s what current and new followers want to see.
  4. Don’t use hashtags specific to your budding brand. So, unless you’re a well-known influencer, chances are slim that someone is specifically looking up your name and your hashtags. If you can use 30 hashtags and half of them are specific to you, new accounts will not be finding you as quickly as you’d like. Don’t do this: #girlfromnycoutfits #girlfromnycshoes #girlfromnycbags #girlfromnycdatenightlooks #girlfromnycfriends.  Do this instead: #girlfromnyc #lookoftheday #fancyshoes #designerbags #datenightoutfit #bestfriends. In the latter example, I used only one hashtagspecific to me so I can organize al my photos for potential clients. What I do recommend is that if you are wanting to create categories for your pictures, then create one or two custom hashtags to share with your followers/clients. If you are a photographer or an event stylist, etc. and you want potential customers to look at all your work, give them a custom hashtag where they can see all your grouped work. For instance: #girlfromnycevents #girlfromnycpics. Hashtag all the pics of your photography or event styling jobs with those hashtags and then place the hashtag on your business cards and all over your social media accounts. This is how you will start to raise brand awareness. You want to use these to organize your work, not to be found. I repeat, you will not be found, so use these very sparingly on your published pictures, or you will have decreased engagement.
  5. You can search for good hashtags. As you are typing hashtags into your post, the hashtags will begin to populate and you will see how many pictures are in the category. To make your photo be found more easily, sometimes just adding an ‘s’ makes all the difference. #instafashionista might have 2,382, 489 pics in it, but #instafashionistas might only have 137,826 pics in it. I highly recommend tweaking the hashtags you’re using just a little to give your pictures more of a chance to be found. You want to place your pictures in categories that have at least 9,000 to 150,000 other photos. The lower number gives your picture a chance to be one of the most popular photos in the category, but having more pictures means more people are looking in the category. Play with it until you see what works.

I have decided to create my own hashtag – #girlfromnycstylepics. This hashtag is one I will ask people to use if they would like me to feature their picture after they have bought something I recommend or used one of my tips. I find this will be a great way to show off some of the work of my extremely amazing Instafriends. So, I extend this to you as well. If there is something you learned from me, or something you purchased, or a recipe you’ve tried, or a decorating tip you’ve used based on my recommendations, please use that hashtag. I’d love to feature you!

So, what are your thoughts? Do you have any questions? Did I miss anything? Let me know below or send me an email or DM.

Also, don’t forget to visit B.H. Grace to view all their cute pieces and use my discount code ‘SPRINGINNYC’ for 15% off!



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  • I agree that the cowboy boots would look amazing with this skirt! lol I love all of these tips! The last thing you mentioned, about having your own hashtag, is such an awesome idea! And I know that makes it easier for you to keep up with and acknowledge those people as well 🙂

  • Lol! I just looked into B. H. Grace right before coming to read your blog. They have great things!!! I love finding businesses like that with reasonable prices to boot!!! I like the ideas for the styling. I have seen these tulle skirts and thought, “Yea, where would I wear that?” Now I know! Maybe one in my future with the hashtag #girlfromnycstylepics