Summer Must-Haves and How to Have the Best Instagram Bio

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The second day of May? How did this happen? It’s almost Christmas lol. As I do with all my other posts, I’ll have a plug for what I want to show you before delving into the week’s blog post.

Okay, so this picture is from our trip to Maui last May, but there are several things to which I wanted to draw your attention. First of all, summertime is right around the corner. Are you ready? I only posted one picture of some of the fun items I brought with me to Hawaii.

Praise God because I was able to find a straw hat big enough to fit my head (my sweet friends say it’s a lot of (natural) hair, but I beg to differ). I bought this hat at Ross, but I was able to link some for you on Amazon for a fraction of the cost. The next item is the beach bag. I had actually bought two, but the one pictured was purchased at Macy’s last year. Again, I linked some below that cost a bit less. The third item, which is one everyone loves when I post, are the pom pom/tassel sandals. Mine are Sam Edelman purchased from Amazon last year for $130. I am sooooo ecstatic to have found extremely similar ones for you below that start at less than $25! Click away and browse my picks so you’ll be ready for your summer plans too.

What are you doing on Instagram? Do you know? Oh, you do? Well, I have a better question…do your followers know? If they don’t, let’s fix that right now.

So, what do you do on there? Are you a blogger? A photographer? A boutique owner? A seamstress who sells her creations? Do you like to share pics of your family? Do you make sugar scrubs? No matter what, you are selling something. You are a story-teller.

Now, I know you might think I’m delusional for saying that everyone is selling something. I don’t care whether or not you have an Etsy or Shopify store or if you post pics of your latest family outing to McDonald’s. You. Are. Selling. Something.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to share you with you some tips and tricks on how to tweak your Instagram page to properly and effectively “sell” whatever it is you’re selling. This week however, let’s start with your bio.

Your Instagram bio is the third thing people see. (Your name is first and your profile pic is second, but I’ll get into that in the near future). I don’t know if I can properly stress the importance of your bio, but I’m going to do my best to explain what your bio needs and why.

  1. Your name – Let your name be the first thing in your bio. Don’t let people guess who you are. Many people are leery of accounts with no info in their bio especially ones with no names.
  2. An emoji or two – Use an emoji or two next to your name. Users on Instagram can find you if you have an emoji in your bio. Don’t believe me? Try it. Go to Instagram and tap on the search button. Put the camera emoji in the search area and you’ll see Instagram users’ names with the emoji pop up as accounts for you to see. This is GREAT for photographers. Think about which emoji(s) YOU can use to help boost your name in the search field.
  3. What you do – Again, are you a blogger, photographer, mom, designer, clothing seller? Tell people. They want to know what they will get when they follow you. Don’t hide this fact. If you don’t know what you are doing on Instagram, your followers won’t either. This will lead to confusion. This will also lead to them either not following you at all or them unfollowing you shortly after they start.
  4. What they will get – Why should they follow you? Will you show pics of the latest fashion trends? The beautiful buildings in NYC (naturally lol),  food pictures of your latest creation? How about wedding hairstyles for brides? Let potential followers know why they should follow you and what they will see when they do. If you tell people that you are a travel blogger photographing pictures of ancient ruins, they will not be surprised to see you post a picture of the Parthenon. They will come to expect and want that.
  5. The icing on the cake – give something proprietary and unique to current and potential followers. Offer them something for following you. Have you written a guide about how to bake, how to sew, a food guide to San Francisco, or a list of books for new moms of multiples to read? Offer it to your current and new followers. How? Look below…
  6. Add a website – If you are offering something in number 5, this is where they would get it. Link your Instagram to your blog, shop, etc. Go a step further and ask for their email address in exchange for the information. (More info on this later).
  7. Contact info – put your email there if you’d like to be contacted.

***Here are some special notes for those who are using Instagram as a business.

  1. Your Instagram page is NOT ABOUT YOU! Hehe. Seriously though. Look at your bio. Are you repeating the information? Is it all about you and what you do and what you like and where you go and who your best friends are? Does it read: Fashion blogger who loves fashion, food, traveling, green beauty, cupcakes, old television shows, blah blah blah. I love Jesus, dressing up, reading, shopping, and posting pictures. Follow me to see my life of me doing blah blah blah!!! Why would someone follow you? They want to know what you can offer them. Remember, as a business on Instagram, you are providing a service. Instagram users are there to BUY. They will buy the clothing you post, the scrubs you make, the home accents you share with them, even the dream of wanting to travel the world. Even if you post pics of your day-to-day life, followers want you to paint a picture. Tell them a story. Give them ideas of what to do with their lives and their kids and their master bedrooms. Example: you are a mom blogger with toddlers living in a busy, crowded city. Here’s what you can write in your bio: ***City Mom Ellen – Toddler Mom in a Big City. Follow along while I document our daily lives living in a big city and share tips and tricks to survive city living with your littles. Sign up at the blog using the link below to download your free guide to finding the most unique, free kid-friendly activities for toddlers in a big city.*** Do you see what I did there? I wrote her name and who she is. I told them what she’ll be posting and what they would get from her posts. Also, she offered them icing on the cake. If they go to her blog and sign up, they can download a free guide for a UNIQUE gift that they won’t find anywhere else. You might think this is too niche-y. It is, but it’s not a bad thing. I’ll get into this more at a later date.
  2. Take it a step further. When Ellen post pics of her latest outing to the park with her youngsters, it would be beneficial to her followers to give a tip about the outing. Maybe she can say something about the best snacks to bring to the park on a hot summer day in the city. Let’s say she is partnering with a food company, she can tell her followers that she wouldn’t leave home without those snacks because they are great for a busy lifestyle, are loved by her kids, and are great for transportability. In doing so, she is sharing the brand’s information, but at the same time, she is giving her followers great advice about how to keep the kids fed when you have to push a stroller, carry a diaper bag, and walk all the way to the park. These snacks that she can’t live without would be a great asset for a city mom who doesn’t want to be weighted down with large containers.
  3. Keep it clutter free. As in accessories and fashion, less is more. Keep your bio short, sweet, and to the point.
  4. Be specific – do not confuse your followers. If you told them you’re going to provide them pictures of the latest fashion trends, it’ll be confusing for them to see (random) photos of random things. I get it. You have a love for a lot of things. That’s fine, but your followers want to see a majority of your pictures being the pictures they first followed you to see. If you are tempted to post a lot of other photos that have nothing to do with your theme, consider starting another Instagram page to post those things or start a blog. I did that with my own page. I felt as though I wanted to share pics of my faith and family and other things. I decided to create @delainemcneil – The McNeil Family. It’s a private page and I post whatever I want to post on this page. It’s for my family and friends and for a select few outside of that. Once I realized I wanted to get serious about blogging and sharing fashion photos, I told my family members and friends to follow me on the other page if they didn’t want to see all my ‘ads.’ I also did this because I consider @thegirlfromnyc to be a business page. For that reason, I am very selective about what I post on there.

What are your thoughts on these? If you look at my bio, you’ll see I post modest outfits, high/low fashion, and pics of NY and FL. I also offer social media marketing for mostly modest accounts through loop giveaways @modestloops. We have two coming up. They are great for growing your following. You can go HERE to sign up if you’d like to participate.

I have also started I&E (Information and Encouragement) groups for new and not-so-new bloggers/shops that want to be in a no-pressure group of ladies offering support to one another. If that’s you, please send me and email or a DM and I’ll get you added.

Also, please use the link at the top right hand corner of the blog page to subscribe for my latest posts. My thoughts are to write two types of posts on this blog. One will be specific posts of helpful information to bloggers and the other will be general posts for anyone following along. The latter will include product reviews, recipes, outfit information, etc. By subscribing, you can be guaranteed never to miss a post. Thanks so much for reading!



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  • I love these posts! I agree that the bio is important, and it’s helpful to hear exactly why it’s important! I still don’t feel that my bio is what it could be, like I feel that I could make it better. But I’m stumped on how to change it! lol I’ve followed some people because they say they do fashion posts, but then they start posting everything but fashion, so sometimes I will wind up un-following those people, honestly. I have thought about asking to join one of those groups you’ve started, but I already try to curb my social media use, and I guess I’m afraid it will either use up too much of my time, or I will not be involved like I should be lol


    • Hey, Elizabeth!!

      Thanks for reading. I know. It can be so tricky to get the right bio. I changed mine a few months ago and haven’t done so again. I kind of like mine now lol. The groups are nooooooo-pressure. There are no requirements. You just check in and add to the conversation if and when you want. You can ask for help on things or you can give advice. No requirements at all. Let me know 🙂