Gladiator Sandals and Extravaganza

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I had so many questions about our last bible quizzing tournament, so I decided to write about our past weekend.

Before I do so, however, I must tell you about my shoes – and the other items pictured. I think Instagram likes to torture me with pictures of cute shoes. Does that happen to you? My weakness happens to stem around bags and shoes hehe. Anyway, I kept seeing these shoes on sponsored posts on Instagram and after being tempted for the last time, I broke down and put them in my shopping cart.

I wore them this past weekend. I received the most compliments ever! Even when we went out to eat after the tournament was over, a lady on her phone had to tell the person to hold on so she could tell me how nice my shoes were. Well, I linked them above so you can view/buy them. There are several colors and plenty of sizes. They are much cheaper where I found them and if you have Prime, then shipping is free!

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My watch is the wood watch from Jord, but I linked a less-expensive option above. My bag is the Caissa Clutch from Louis Vuitton.

So…bible quizzing…Well, this is our ninth year of bible quizzing. Last year Milton learned all his verses but didn’t complete the competition portion of the year. He’s been in the beginner, junior, and now intermediate divisions. The last division he’ll enter is the experienced division (he quizzed in that division last year).

Each year the kids learn a certain amount of verses in selected books of the bible. This year is the book of Acts. Milton has to learn 417 verses this year. He learned the book of Acts as a beginner quizzer in 2010, but now he has to learn even more verses.

Each month, the quizzers attend district tournaments held at various churches around their state. The questions are based on a progressive amount of verses. There are other tournaments they can attend such as invitationals, tournament of champions, etc. Once a year, the quizzers have a chance to compete in a regional tournament called an Extravaganza. There are several Extravaganzas, and they are held all across the US. The top two teams of each division can automatically win a spot for our national tournament if they place 1st or 2nd at Extravaganza.

Our church has one Intermediate team. For extravaganza, it was decided to split up the teams to develop all the quizzers. Milton and his friend, Paul, quizzed together almost every year. A set of twins was also split between the two teams. Last year, the twin brothers along with another teammate won the national competition for Juniors last year, so this is a very experienced bunch. At this Extravaganza, they were on separate teams. We’ll call them Team One and Team Two. Milton was on Team One and his friend Paul was on Team Two.

In Round one of quizzing, Team Two went undefeated and was guaranteed at least second place. Team One was guaranteed at least third place. The next day, Team One had to play and beat a team from Fuquay, NC to advance to the championship round to play Team Two again.

In the first game, both teams were tied on question 20 – the last question. The game went into overtime. In overtime, the quiz master – the person who reads the questions – prepared three 20-point questions to break the tie. Paul hit the first overtime question, got it right, and quizzed out (that means he had 8 correct answers and earned an additional 10 points). Milton hit the next question, quizzed out, and then tied it again. One kid was left on each team – the twin brothers! When the quiz master read the last question, the quizzer on Team One hit the buzzer and answered correctly. He only beat his brother by one-one hundredth of a second! As I said on Instagram, it was a nail biter, but that’s not the end! Because Team Two was undefeated and had now just lost their first game, they had to switch sides and play again. It’s a double-elimination tournament, so the next team that won, would win the entire thing.

In the next game, I think God himself helped Milton quiz. No, I’m serious. What happened was so unreal. We’ve heard of quizzing under the ‘anointing’, and I saw it with my own eyes. Milton and his teammate were ahead in points by the time the 20-point questions came. There are eight 10-point questions, nine 20-point questions, and three 30-point questions. When you ‘lock’ a quiz, that means there aren’t enough points left in the game for the other team to win. Milton hit question after question until the quiz was ‘locked!’ He missed one and it was reread to the other team, but they also missed it because they both didn’t realize it was a three-part question and only gave two answers. Seriously though, the quiz master barely had words out of his mouth and Milton was interrupting him, finishing the question, and then answering correctly. (When the quizzers buzz in and interrupt the questions, they have to correctly finish the question before attempting to answer. Their question can be essence, but it has to line up with the original question the quiz master was going to read).

Anyway, at the end of the tournament, the Intermediate teams from our church had won both first and second place at Extravaganza. They are guaranteed a spot at nationals, but what this also does is gives our district two extra spots at nationals. Let me explain. If, at state finals, only three teams can go to nationals, because of the Extravaganza wins, now five teams can go. At state finals, however, we have to compete and win one of the top spots if we want to get money towards our trip. Again, we technically do not even have to attend our district finals, but to get money for the trip to nationals in July, we have to compete and place in the top three. If we didn’t go to state finals, we would go to nationals as Florida 4 or Florida 5, depending on how many teams are allowed to go. One of the cool things about this year is that after nationals, the kids can then go to NAYC, which is a large youth convention – 40,000 youth are expected to attend. It will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts play! Go HERE for more info. Every other year of Senior nationals is held at the same location for NAYC.

The most amazing part is that Milton had not only the highest average of the Intermediate division, but he had the highest average of all the participants at this Extravaganza. It was a lot of work, but it is so fun and so worth it.

Here are some question types:

  1. Locate this verse – the quiz master starts reading the verse and the kids buzz in and can interrupt him. They have to complete the verse – word for word – and then give the location.
  2. Quote this verse – the quiz master gives the verse reference and the kids buzz in and quote the verse – word for word.
  3. Quotation completion – the quiz master begins reading the beginning of a verse. The kids can buzz in, interrupt him/her, and complete the quotation – word for word.
  4. Two-part, three-part, four-part questions – multiple part questions asked about information in one verse. The kids can interrupt and finish the questions before attempting to answer them correctly.
  5. Cross-reference multiple part and cross-reference quotation questions – questions are asked from two or more verses.
  6. Unique word/phrase questions – quizzers are given a unique word or phrase and must either locate or quote the verse that contains the information.
  7. Direct questions – the quiz master asks a question and the kids have to answer.

Our next tournament is in less than 3 weeks. I will be sure to upload a link where you can watch live-streaming of the quizzes. If you want further information, please visit Junior Bible Quizzing and Senior Bible Quizzing. For the live updates, you can to or to see the latest results.

Thank you to everyone for all their well-wishes!



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