eShakti Easter Dress Review and Photo Editing Apps

In the picture below, I used Snapseed to change the coloring. It was fairly easy.

Here is the picture on Instagram of the eggs we dyed and the cupcakes I made. I wanted the cupcakes to look as if there was a nest on top. I used toasted coconut and placed jelly bean eggs on top of it. The cupcakes were hummingbird flavor.

Happy Tuesday, lovelies! This week, and probably next week as well, I’ll have two published posts instead of the usual one on Tuesday only.

First of all, how was your Easter weekend? Mine was great. We went to the early service at church and then went home to relax. I had made cupcakes the night before so I made the frosting for them, and then put a bread in the oven  while making brunch.

For brunch we had eggs, turkey sausage, Grands biscuits, and guava jelly – yummy! While the boys dug a hole and mixed cement for the installation of the pool heater, I worked on decorating the cupcakes. For dinner, we had fried yellowtail snapper and the fresh bread from the bread machine. After that, we dyed eggs. We didn’t buy an egg-dying kit, so we used food coloring and made our own dye.

I wore this dress from eShakti to church. This is the second time I partnered with them to create a custom dress. Their site is really easy to use. The hardest part was choosing the dress I wanted because they have so many beautiful dresses and skirts. If you’ve never been on their site, you really owe it to yourself to check it out. I think it would even be great for bridesmaids dresses because you could have each bridesmaid having the same dress but having a different look to each one. These dresses are much cheaper than traditional bridesmaid dresses.

Once you go on their site and choose a dress, you can either choose one of the standard sizes (if you perfectly fit them), or you can fully customize your dress. For this dress, I changed the deepness of the V-neck. I made mine not as deep. I changed the sleeves. The way they had it on the site was sleeveless. I chose the length of the dress. I was able to put in my height, and based on that, they determined where the dress would fall. So easy to do. I even took my own measurements. I also chose to keep THE POCKETSSSS!!!!! Yes, I LOVE dresses with pockets hehe. It’s like the cherry on the top of an ice cream sundae!

My dress had an attached belt and I was able to tie it in the back. The measurements are very detailed too. I measured my back, my waist, my hips, my bust, everything! It is fully customizable, and for the price you’ll pay, you’ll be so surprised that it didn’t cost more.

Anyway, the dress didn’t take that long to be made and sent to me. I think from the time I placed my order, it took less than a week-and-a-half. That’s what made choosing my Easter outfit so difficult. I loved the floral pattern of this dress, and it’s something I can wear through the summer as well. Also, using their system is not hard at all because anything you want can be changed to fit YOUR body.

Have you ever had one made? Have you ever custom-ordered anything like this before? Let me know your thoughts below 🙂

So, I know everyone has their favorite photo app they like to use, but these are my top three. I have them downloaded on my iPhone and iPad, and they are also available for Android.

  1. Snapseed –  favorite and allows you to do so much! Professional photo editing created by Google. You can heal spots, selectively lighten areas, easily rotate, and more. Easy to use!
  2. Facetune 2 – great for selfies but also gives you a black and white background while allowing the subject to be in full color!
  3. ColorStory – for bright whites and colors that pop!

What do you use?



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  • I use Snapseed too! It’s really easy to use. When I post a photo to Instagram, I have already edited it a little on my computer, when I convert it from RAW to JPEG, but usually only the white balance and brightness. Then I just use Instagram’s editing tools before posting. When I upload one to Pinterest or Facebook, though, I will use Snapseed 🙂

  • Beautiful cupcake! You look very pretty in that dress too. Thanks for sharing the photo editing apps, I have been looking for one but can’t decide on which to get. I’ll definitely try these.