Are You Annoying Your Followers?

Have you ever looked at something and wondered how it would look oon you? This is how I felt when, after contacting Shannas_Threads, she showed me one of her new items that I could review. When she showed me the picture of these layered skirts, I loved them. Did I think I could pull it off? I didn’t know haha, but I have literally always wanted a tiered ruffled skirt…for like…ever!!

Anyway, I’m almost 5′ 4″ and the skirt went all the way down to my ankles. I loved that. Even with the ruffles, the fact that it is so long, it has a slimming effect. It’s a layered look and doesn’t add bulk. There are several colors from which you can choose and there are also other items that you can purchase on her site.

This skirt has the softest material. My son, who could care less about what I wear, saw me and said, “Wow!” When I asked him why he said that, he told me it was because of my skirt. If he cares, then that’s saying something lol. I really like how the skirt looked with the blazer. I was going for a business on top, party on the bottom look, and I think I achieved it. I wanted it to look church-y (I wore it to church), but not so stuffy that my personality couldn’t shine through. I like to have fun with my outfits and the ruffles gave the outfit the right touch of femininity, personality, and a touch of fabulousness.

Again, every time I collaborate with a brand, I always want to portray my true feelings. Even though the skirt was gifted to me, I make sure to keep the opinions honest. I’m glad I gave the skirt a chance, but I’m even happier that it’s a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down (think denim jacket), and it is something I’ll wear over and over again.

Now, I’ve had so many questions from people about how to start a blog, how to grow your following, how to save money on clothes and groceries, and other things. Since there are so many requests, I’ll start off with this topic below about how to not annoy your current and would-be followers. Other topics were posted in the past few weeks and you can find them by searching the latest posts or using the search box or the category drop down menu.

There are so many techniques and tricks to this whole Instagram ‘thing.’ Do you feel overwhelmed with knowing what to post, when to post, and how often to post? Have you ever wondered whether or not you are annoying your followers? I’ll list several things that you might be doing that is driving your followers to ‘unfollow’ you.

1. Too many hashtags. DO use hashtags, but do NOT include them in your caption. Hashtags are very important, but they have to be used very strategically. First of all, Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per photo. If you use 30 and then try to add one in a comment, the comment won’t post. If you want to use a hashtag in your caption, use one or two. Keep your caption clean. If you must use hashtags in your caption, use one or two super-relevant tags. If you inundate your caption with tons of hashtags, it makes it difficult to read and followers will get annoyed. (If you’re not trying to grow your following, that’s fine, but still post them in the first comment. If your page is private, then do NOT use them. They are pointless at that time and will annoy your followers). To successfully use hashtags, use the notes section of your phone, type up the hashtags you want to use, copy them, and then the instant you post your picture, paste the hashtags as the first comment. You’ll need a filler before typing the first hashtag, so here’s how your hashtag comment should look:






#happy #silly #funny #greatday…

The reason to add the stars or periods is to keep the hashtags from being too visible. I like to use 10 or so stars then start the hashtags.

2. Too many pictures and too little time in between. Let me be perfectly clear about this: no one wants to see 100 pictures in one day about your family trip to the zoo or the beach. I promise you this is true. If you want to post that many pics in one day, post them to Facebook or start a blog. Even if you are advertising or working with a brand, post one or two photos a day at the maximum. Your constant posting of photos clogs up your followers’ feeds and they will unfollow you if all they see is your pictures. Also, if you post two on any given day, for the love of crumb cake, let several hours pass before posting the second one. Be strategic.

3. Posting too little photos. Who even wants to follow you if you’re not posting pictures? Instagram is a visual community. Followers want, and in some cases, need to see your posted pictures. I understand there are times we have to unplug or even go on a social media fast. That is understandable and extremely necessary, but barring those reasons, please do not go 3 months without posting a picture.

4. Posting the same shot. Again, if you are collaborating with a brand and need to post several pictures of the same item, share a different angle or a different part of the outfit. For instance, in the pictures above, I took several shots of the same outfit and I willingly posted them here, but on Instagram, I will post a full-body shot, then maybe one of the skirt only. It is only right to showcase the subject of your brand collaboration, especially if the agreement calls for more than one Instagram photo, but try to show the same thing a different way.

5. Use relevant hashtags. This tip will not only get your pictures found, but your hashtags will be easy to read. If you post a picture of you at the beach, keep things simple. Don’t use a hashtag like this: #hadsomuchfunatthebeachandicannotwaittogoback. That is annoying and people do NOT want to read that. If you’re using one as a joke, then fine, but how many pictures do you think have that tag? How many people are searching for that tag? None. Use simple tags like these: #beachday #funtimes #beachfun. Hard-to-read and excessively long hashtags will annoy your followers.

6. Use a caption. Please do not post pictures without telling the reason for the picture or some background information. Even if you’re posting a meme, say something…anything lol.

7. Posting random photos. If you are just posting photos of your family, have at it, but if you are asserting yourself as a digital influencer, please put some thought into what you post. Post pictures that line up with what your followers want. Also post other inspirational things. Please do not post random photos just because you can. You might want to snap a picture of your half-eaten sandwich, and that’s fine, but please don’t post it. Carefully plan your posts ahead of time, as much as possible, and keep some sort of consistency. Your followers look to you for some sort of inspiration. Provide it in an artful way.

8. If you are a follower yourself (which, I guess we all are), give the people you’re following a little grace. Understand why content creators are posting certain pictures. They might be working with a brand and need to post pictures of the product. In that case, show them some Insta-love and be patient. If they are participating in a loop giveaway, they might be trying to reward you for following them or trying to grow their following. Indulge them a bit, but if we’re talking about 10 loops a week, that might be a bit much. In that case, I give you full permission to unfollow them lol.

If you are a blogger and want to get involved with Information and Encouragement Groups (I&E), please comment below or send me an email/DM, and I’ll get you added. We’ve already started one and once it’s filled, we can start another. If you have any requests for blog posts, please send me an email.

Let me know your thoughts about anything I’ve written this week, and don’t forget to look into the skirt above!!

Have a great week, and if you haven’t already, you can subscribe at the top, right corner of the page.



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