The ONLY Modest Swim Dress You’ll Ever Need!

Happy Tuesday, everyone! So since I’m always recording Instagram stories, I had a ton of questions about what I wear in different situations. Since they were mostly centered around what I wear to the beach/pool and for working out, I thought it would be best to put these together in one post.

First of all, last year when we went to Hawaii, figuring out what I would wear on the beach and for water sports was a real concern. We live extremely  close to the ocean, but we have a pool…so why go out to get to water? Lol. I just go in my backyard! Dressing modestly is not something I do every once in a while. It’s actually a very real part of my everyday life. Anyway, I had a swim skirt made for the trip. It has shorts attached and is perfect for swimming and working out.

However…I found something else so amazing on Instagram and was beyond excited to receive this kaftan modest swim dress from CaribbeanSplash Swimwear. I had seen them on Instagram but didn’t think it would work for me. Well, I contacted the owner of the boutique, and she is just the sweetest person. I was able to choose the design I wanted and customize the fit even more than what was on the size chart.

This was so important to me because who wants to go to the beach and not have something to wear? Most local stores don’t sell a ton of modest swim and exercise gear, so what can be done? Many of the modest swim suits I’ve found are not extremely reasonably priced, or you have to have them custom-made and wait while they’re being made, or you cannot find anything. This is the answer to finding something fashionable, great in price (especially with the discount code I’m providing – ‘CSNYC15’), and you will LOVE all the fun designs. I can almost guarantee you’ll have a hard time choosing a design like I did lol.

The swim dress falls below your knees, you don’t need anything else to cover the it, and you can get one for you and one for your little girl if you’d like. The colors are vibrant, the dress is unique, and you will be turning heads while wearing it.

Now, I’m not going to pretend I don’t love cute and different items. When modesty is your lifestyle, it really helps to have fun items. This swim dress is just what you need for summer trips to the pool, ocean, lake, or river. What I really love is that it can be worn as a cute cover-up if you’re in your own backyard, a dress to wear if you’re just sitting out at the beach, or wear it as your swimsuit! It doesn’t ride up and did I mention it’s super cute?!

I think the number one thing I love about it are the little pom poms on the edge going all the way around. To be honest, when I first received it in the mail, I was worried because it looked odd. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I can’t explain it, but I thought it wouldn’t be very flattering, but I was so wrong. After I put it on, I knew it was the item missing from my wardrobe. The fabric is unbelievably soft. It will definitely come in handy this year and beyond. Now, you can snag one of these with code ‘CSNYC15’ for 15% off at checkout!!



Now, many of you had questions about what I wear when going to the gym or playing horse with Milty, etc. When I workout, I wear leggings and a skirt. I also bought workout tops from Ross and Marshall’s a few years ago. I found leggings at Sam’s Club too, but that was a while back. I have been buying my sneakers from BJ’s and Sam’s Club, but now I see I can find an excellent deal online too.

Above, you can find some of the other items I recommend to stay modest and comfortable while working out. I know there are some companies on Instagram offering modest workout clothes, but these from Amazon are extremely well-priced! I think the prices start at under $10 and the sneakers look cute and start at $19.99. Remember, you need lightweight sneakers for running. All the items in the pics above come in various colors and sizes.

Again, if this is your lifestyle, it makes sense to invest in great pieces that will make you comfortable and then you won’t have to worry about whether or not you look modest. Click on the images above to view the options, and don’t forget to check out CaribbeanSplash Swimwear for your own swim dress!

As far as running or workout apps, I have used C25K, Running for Weight Loss, and Runtastic. I have used them all from time-to-time. Apparently, I need to do more lol. I have been using MyFitnessPal. I’m sure there are more out there that you can use. I have a really bad habit of not eating (and drinking) enough. I find that tracking my food and water intake helps me stay accountable.

Also, several of you asked about the 5-day diet I did to lose 10 pounds. It’s called the 5-day meat test. It’s 5 days of various forms of protein. I did it. It was not the easiest, but I did get off the ridiculous carb-cycle I was on hehe. The other one you can use is the 10-day pouch reset. I haven’t done that one, so I can’t vouch for it. Let me know if you do it. I might hehe.

So…the questions of the day…

  1. What do you wear when you’re working out?
  2. Where do you shop for your workout clothing?
  3. Do you find it’s best to workout in the morning or the evening?
  4. How do you get and stay motivated?
  5. Do you have any recommendations for me?

I’d love to hear them all! Since we are always on the road, the hardest thing for me is getting started. I go to the gym for weeks and then we travel. When I come home, the HARDEST thing is going back the first day. I need to though!



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