All the Places Politics Do NOT Belong…

Hello, lovelies! I have to admit, I did not have anything to write about today, and to be completely honest, this has been happening quite a bit lately. It’s not because I have nothing to say, it’s because I have too much to say and don’t know where to begin.

Several things I want to write about can be seemingly controversial. What’s funny is that they’re not controversial simply because there’s any real controversy around the subject matter. The real problem is that some things that I want to share will cause people I know to get angry. My intention is not to anger people, but sometimes when you say something to someone, or write about things that are happening, it’s common for people to assume your post is about them (even though it might be), and then it makes it hard for you to really write what you want to write for fear of angering people. Does this happen to you? Do your hands feel tied when you want to publish a post but KNOW someone will have an issue with it?

I started this journey for several reasons. I love to write, shop, bake, decorate, and teach, and I want to document and share it all with anyone who wants to read it. I tried other outlets before, but I stopped because I felt I was forcing the issues. This is much more natural. I have a posting schedule, but the topics on which I choose to write are ones on which I can elaborate. At first, it was all the things that interested me. As time went on and I started to interact with my readers, I was able to spend more time focusing on what they want.

Earlier today, I received several messages about my last post. I had no idea the comments were there because they were sent to a different part of the WordPress site. I am so glad I received them when I did because they gave me the juice I needed to write this post. This post will be a mini rant (of sorts) and a follow-up of the latest blog posts.

***Before I get into this week’s post, I wanted to share with you the dress I wore on Sunday. It’s the second time wearing the dress. I had it made for the tea party I hosted last October. It was custom-made by NormonyDesign. You can find them on Instagram. I told them how I wanted it made, I chose the fabric, I chose the style (fifties to fit with a  tea party theme), I chose the length, the length of the sleeve…everything. I think it was about $55. The skirt is lined, there are several large buttons going down the bodice, and it has a somewhat Peter Pan collar of sorts. I love that it can be worn year-round though because of the cute bow tie pattern. This is not the first item they’ve made for me, and it won’t be the last haha. They’ve made several dresses and also a swim/workout skirt. The quality of the clothes are amazing. I’ve even made YouTube video reviews on several. You can search the YouTube category at the top of this page to watch. I also uploaded a collage so you can see the fabric up close. It’s also probably not too late to have one made for Easter. The shoes I wore were these metallic, gold sandals with glitter, block heels. I bought them from Asos for $15. The last picture is what I wore to our church’s 50th anniversary banquet, which was, coincidentally, the same night as my birthday (March 17th). The pleated skirt was from Marshall’s and the sequin top was from Kohl’s. The clutch is the Pochette Felicie from LV (I removed the chain strap and carried it as a clutch).

Anddd… we go…

I don’t like when politics play a role in every area of life. Why, oh, why, must politics be in everything? I barely go on Facebook because of all the political posts about the last election and the aftermath. Four and eight years ago, the same thing happened. I literally lost friends over the election. I posted jokes and questions and two ‘friends’ took it very personally. One lashed out and the other stopped speaking to me. Ha. So sad.

Instagram has become the same way. One of the reasons why I started using Instagram was because it was just pictures and captions. No life stories. No politics. No drama. All of a sudden, I can’t scroll through my feed without all the hatred, vulgarity, and threats. Everyone is a commentator nowadays. I really don’t want to hear or see it so I scroll on by. What reaaaaallllllllly bugs me is when people think they are THE spokesperson for everyone else on Instagram and the world. I have my own thoughts and my own feelings about what happened on November 8th. I don’t need anyone to speak for me. Those who know me know how I feel. Everyone thinks it is their duty to use their ‘platform.’ No, you don’t. When you speak out for or against something, you’re not speaking for everyone. You’re speaking for the people who agree with you. I guarantee there are plenty who don’t agree with you. The worst part is that if you’re in the minority, you can suffer a social media jihad and a great backlash because of your beliefs and opinions.

Dealing with other people and their kids is also very political. I strongly feel parents should not be the decision-makers in sports and competitions. Coaches and officials should not have children involved, or they should be in a different league. It clouds the parents mind when their kids are involved. They CANNOT be fair. They CANNOT even see reason when issues are brought to them. I know this sounds odd coming from someone who used to coach their kid, but in speaking to him recently, he said he always felt we treated the other kids fairly and was even angered at times because he thought we should have played favorites in his favor hehe. I have come to realize that it is IMPOSSIBLE for people to understand your plight until they go through it. Sadly enough, some people will never go through some of the situations you face, so they never will understand. These situations make you want to do things years before you ever planned on doing them. For instance, you might move to a certain place because you’re looking for certain opportunities. What happens when those wants become detrimental to your sanity? Do you put on a facade? Do you lash out? Or do you leave to get away from all the politics and drama? If you leave, how far do you go? A different church? A different league? A different group? A different school? A different town? A different state? How far?!!!

In addition to this one, let’s get all the politics out of birthday parties, church functions, and everything else. At our church’s 50th anniversary dinner, there were seating charts. I LOVED that idea because it kept cliques from forming and people not having somewhere to sit. I thought it was great to have that done beforehand. Not only did I not have to look for a seat, I was able to get to know another family with whom I’d never really spoken. It was great!

Anyway, I’m stuck at a crossroads. I don’t go on Facebook very much anymore, and my family and I aren’t as involved in many things as we once were. Our schedule and lives have changed so much we had to pull back. Part of the issue is politics and the other part is  that we’re just busy. Remember I told you about the engagement group issues last week? I find that removing yourself from certain things can sometimes be the answer you need to refocus and rededicate yourself to what truly matters. Helping, teaching, and connecting with people matters to me. Being forced to like and comment on things against my beliefs is not my cup of tea. Pretending to be best friends with someone is not my favorite thing to do so I don’t do it. We have a lot going on. I am thankful I have this as a creative outlet. Again, this is not meant to offend anyone, but there will be times I’m going to write something you may not love.

Your thoughts?


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  • I agree with you completely on this topic Delaine! I’ve felt like lately Instagram has become way too political, and a place of subtle, passive hatred. I joined Instagram because I thought it was a fun place to post my pictures, meet people that I’d normally not meet and spread positivity. But politics seem to be everywhere now. And you’re right, if you’re in the minority you suffer greatly. I’ve had people send me nasty DMs and unfollow ne because I’d write something about God and they believed I shouldn’t be using social media to express joy in my faith. Same with my blog.
    Anyways, I’m so glad you voiced your thoughts. I agree with you wholeheartedly!

    • Daria,

      Thank you for commenting. I cannot even fathom that you received nasty messages even though I know you received them. I had two people tell me they were going to unfollow me because of something I posted. Yikes lol. I just want to post pics and look at pretty pics.