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Happy Tuesday, everyone!! I had to share with you some of the items I’ve worn over the past few days and the knobs from the kitchen. I had so many questions come through my Instastories so I thought I would just round them up here. All the items above are either exact or very similar pieces of clothing. The knobs and pulls are exact, and they look even more divine in person.

On Instagram a few days ago I asked for your preference of this week’s blog post. I have several in mind but asked about three of them. The one that seemed to attract the most attention was that everyone wanted details about loop giveaways, so I’m going to explain them, debunk some myths, and give you the opportunity to participate in one if interested.

  1. What is it? A loop giveaway is a special way for Instagram users to advertise and are different from regular giveaways.
  2. How does it work? Each page (usually bloggers and small shops) participating in a loop giveaway pays a ‘buy-in’ amount. This buy-in goes towards the purchase of the prize. On the given day and the given time, each person involved in the loop giveaway posts the giveaway image and the wording. Followers like and follow all the loop participants until they reach back to the page on which they first started the loop. Sometimes there are extra things you can do to raise your chances of winning. These include liking the last few photos on a blogger/shop’s page, tagging a friend, or responding to a question asked.
  3. How is information sent? Usually the day before, or the day of the loop, the host will create group DMs and send the image and information there. Only 15 people can be in one DM, so the host will usually have multiple DMs for one giveaway. This is where you ‘check-in’ and ask questions. It’s very important to check your requested messages if you don’t see the Group DM.
  4. What is an open-to-all? These are loop giveaways that are open to bloggers/shops with any follower amount. That means if you are just starting out, you can join this loop. Other loops have minimum-follower-count requirements such as a 10K+ or a 20K+.
  5. Why a buy-in and what does it include? The buy-in is extremely important for the giveaway. The prizes are not free. Some prizes can cost anywhere from $150 to more than $1400. The buy-in pays for the prize, it covers sponsors and special shoutouts, and it sometimes covers administrative fees.
  6. How do you sign up for one? You look up loop hosts on Instagram and follow their page. This is where they will post upcoming loops. Mine is HERE if you’d like to participate in my upcoming loops. Some hosts have you send the money to them via PayPal while documenting the loop information in the payment so they know who is buying-in. Other hosts start a Google Docs document where you can sign up and then you send the money after you sign up.
  7. What is a sponsor/shoutout, and why do they get in free? A sponsor is a blogger/shop either with a lot of followers (think 50K and up) or an account which may not necessarily have a ton of followers but receives many likes per photo (think 2,000+ likes per photo). A shoutout is a page who meets the above requirements (but usually has many more followers and/or likes per photo) and the page owner shares the giveaway information on their page without actually being one of the loop participants. Sponsors and shoutouts are usually free because they drive followers to the loop. This is strictly advertisement for the giveaway and to draw attention to it. Some sponsors/shoutout accounts charge a fee while others are willing to just be in the loop for free as their payment.
  8. Why are some buy-in amounts so high? Well, think about it. If you are giving away a Louis Vuitton Neverfull, that can run you anywhere from $1100 to $1340. The buy-in amount has to cover the prize, shipping if applicable, the sponsors, administrative fees, etc. Keep in mind that the bigger the prize, the higher the buy-in, but the more the followers to which your page is exposed.
  9. What are administrative fees? Some loop hosts charge a small amount per buy-in as their payment for organizing, hosting, running the loop, picking the winner, and making sure the prize is purchased and shipped. Some hosts don’t charge anything, but I have hosted loops before (see my new page here ->modestloops), and there is a LOT of work involved. Some hosts use these as a social media marketing tool and help other shops and bloggers grow their page. If they charge, it’s honestly not unreasonable to do so. If you are wanting to grow your page and are serious about it, remember, your Instagram page becomes a business and you have to treat it as such. Advertisement is not always free. This is a form of advertising, so paying a small administrative fee is not that bad and remember, you are paying for a service.
  10. Why do you have to follow so many people to complete the loop? Again, if you are splitting a $1000 prize and you want to keep the buy-in amount to $30 and under, plus pay the fees, it will take many pages to do so. Let’s say you wanted to enter a small loop with 20 bloggers. Each blogger paid $25 and that puts you at $500 for a prize. Suppose you have 2 sponsors and you want to pay them $50 each? Let’s also suppose the host wants $50 for her time and effort? That leaves you with only $350 to get the giveaway prize. This loop might do well if you’ve never looped with these people before, but the prize won’t be as grand. So you have a small loop with a small prize and buy-in amount, or a small loop and charge the participants $50 as a buy-in prize, or you have 40-50 accounts that pay about $30 each. The last scenario is usually what happens. Many people complain about how many are in the loop, but remember, loops are not free and most shops and bloggers will usually opt to go with a larger loop, less money out-of-pocket, and a better/bigger prize. Most bloggers will not pay $50 to join a loop to giveaway $250. If they are paying $50, it’ll be for a large prize or an international loop that will usually draw thousands of followers. Many bloggers and shops participate in many each week/month, so the lower the buy-in, the better for them.
  11. Why the ‘Have you Entered’ and ‘Ends today’ reminders? Again, this is advertisement. Instagram’s algorithm might keep some followers from seeing the giveaway image the first night it was posted. The reposts are crucial to the success of the loop.
  12. How is the winner chosen? After the giveaway is over, each blogger/shop randomly chooses one or two names and sends them to the host. The host then uses Random.org to randomly choose the winner. Each blogger/shop checks to see if the ‘unofficial winner’ is following them. If they are, that person will win the prize. If that account is not following one or more of the participants, another name will be drawn. After the winner is announced, the host will send tracking info to all the participants showing proof of payment/shipment.
  13. Are there scammers? Absolutely, but to be honest, in my two-plus years of looping, I’ve only come across two ‘bad’ hosts.
  14. Do followers leave? Yes. The followers that leave only entered for the prize in the first place. This is to be expected, and you won’t miss them. You want engaged, interested followers. Most followers will continue to follow, but you must do your part as well. You have to post quality content. The loop will bring them to you, but your content will keep them.

Now that you have the basics, here are some loop giveaway ethics and other tips:

  1. If you want to grow your following and you send the money, do not ask for a refund and don’t report the host unless something really bad about the host has surfaced. Most giveaway payments are non-refundable. Remember, it’s a business, so if you pay, just go through with it. If there is a dire emergency, the host will usually work with you by possibly putting you in a different loop, but when you ask for a refund, it messes up all the numbers.
  2. If you are entering to win the prize as a follower, it’s not nice to go back and unfollow everyone as soon as the giveaway is over. Keep in mind, the giveaway isn’t free. Give the new pages you’re now following a chance and see if you like their posts.
  3. It’s important to loop with different hosts. If you loop with the same people all the time, you will not see many new followers after some time.
  4. If you’ve won a giveaway recently, take a break from them because most rules will not allow you to win more than one in a six-month period.
  5. ***Follow the loop’s rules! Post on time, repost on time, and be graceful. Sometimes a loop might not perform well, but there are usually several reasons why this happens, so be nice to the host.

I am committed to helping you grow your Instagram page with like-minded/similar accounts as much as possible. If you’d to join the giveaway I want to host, please access my Google Doc HERE. Its for a Macy’s gift card or PayPal cash. The prize amount is not listed as of now because I’d like to see how many participants sign up. Please only sign up if you are a blogger/shop committed to growing your page. Please make sure your page is public so I can view your page. It also has to stay public during the entire giveaway. This giveaway is $35 paid to modestloops@gmail.com ‘Friends and Family’ via PayPal. Please fill in all pertinent information, and do not fill in the ‘Paid’ section. I will fill that in.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you have a better understanding of loops? Do you have any questions? If you qualify to sponsor, please send me a message.  Again, go HERE to sign up for the loop 🙂



P.S. Here is the image I’ll most likely use. The amount will be adjusted once all the buy-ins come in:

A special note: I have been selling out on my closet page. All the items are about $10 shipped (few are a bit more), but I’m taking offers. Go HERE to see what’s left. Also, visit my Poshmark closet HERE.

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