How to be a Great Instagram Friend

I had purchased this sweater a few weeks ago and planned on sending it back because I thought the material was too thick for where I live. I’m glad I didn’t because I ended up having to wear it Sunday night for two reasons. Number one, it was cold! Number two is because a friend house/dog sat this weekend and accidentally knocked over ALLLLLLLLL my clothes in the garage and I couldn’t get to them Sunday afternoon. Luckily, this sweater and skirt were in my bedroom. (More on the master closet debacle soon).

I love the sweater. The color is great, the material is really nice for cooler temps but not too heavy, and the sleeves are fun! Also, the price isn’t too bad. I paired it with this pleated, faux-leather skirt I absolutely adore. The skirt is from Pretty in Pink Boutique and I have a lot of clothes from this boutique. Go HERE to find the exact skirt. It’s a plus-sized skirt, and I don’t wear plus-sized clothing, but it’s elastic so it’s not droopy. There is also another faux leather skirt HERE that is pleated differently. The best thing is they’re on sale! My shoes are Vince Camutos from a few months ago. I can’t find the exact ones so I found a similar pair on Amazon for you for half the price. My watch is also another item I couldn’t find, but I found a similar one on Amazon for you. It’s rose gold, and the thing about Michele Watches is that they are known for being able to have the face changed. It was part of my Christmas gift, and I love it!

I posted a sneak peek of this sweater yesterday and I had so many messages and questions about it. Here are the details: You can click on the pictures below for the exact sweater and similar shoes and watch. Any bag will work 🙂

Shop the rest of the look here:

Now for the juicy stuff! Let’s face it, we are all on Instagram for many different reasons. Some of us are looking for fashion inspiration, food pics, decoration, clothing, etc. Keeping all this in mind, Instagram is a community where people can find digital creation. Content creators are those who do just that. They create inspiring and drool-worthy content for others to see. For some digital content creators, the photos they share with people on the various social media outlets is their passion and they are “working” when they share images.

The reason for this post is to help you to be the best Instagram friend you can be. Below, you will find practical steps that you can put in place right away:

  1. Like photos – it shows the content creator that you like their photo. If you enjoy following this person, take the time to like the photos. It’s their “payment” for a job well done.
  2. Comment on photos – it takes a few extra moments, but it goes a long way in showing the content creator that you like and appreciate their work. Some people know about the new algorithm for Instagram, but what this algorithm does is shows you the pictures you like. If you like a certain person’s photos, it’s important to like and comment on their photos. Due to the algorithm, it makes sure you keep seeing their photos. Instagram will show you what you like, so if you haven’t seen your favorite poster’s photos in quite some time, think back to the last time you liked and commented on their photos.
  3. Get further engaged – if the content creator asks you a question, answer it. If they ask you to share a photo or to tag a friend, do so if you can. If they ask you for your opinion, oblige them with an answer. If they ask you to read a blog post by clicking the link in their bio, do so if you can and have the time. Instagram is a great place to interact with other people.Remember, it’s all about community and supporting one another. There have been times when someone I follow has posted a picture or a video saying they question whether or not they should keep sharing pics, but then they receive encouraging comments and messages from their Insta-friends and that is enough motivation to keep them going. I try to keep that in mind.
  4. Don’t be an Insta-snob. Numbers don’t mean more than developing real relationship with people. Even if you have a lot of followers, it still goes a long way to help those who don’t. If someone reaches out to you for Insta-advice, help them if you can. Maybe you don’t have to divulge all your secrets, but a few tips and tricks along the way can’t hurt. Also, I love the saying that reminds us that a candle doesn’t lose its flame by lighting other candles and this is so true. Helping others doesn’t take away from your success. If anything, it will help it.
  5. Don’t be an Insta-bully. Let’s all be nice. Let’s not report or block people just to get back at them for something they did. If there’s a real issue, then by all means, use all the tools Instagram has to keep its users in check. Again, for some users, Instagram is where they conduct business so reporting them or threatening to report them can be very damaging.
  6. Don’t be an Insta-troll lol. I love this one, and it’s very self-explanatory.
  7. Leave feedback. Again, if you read anything and can comment, do so. If you read a blog post, such as this one, and the writer asks for your opinion or thoughts, respond if you can.
  8. Follow people. It’s okay to follow people. If people on Instagram inspire you, follow them. It doesn’t say less of you if you are following a lot of people. It actually shows that you are also engaged with other accounts.
  9. Subscribe if you like what you read. You can subscribe to this blog at the top righthand corner to receive all the latest posts.

Thank you so much for reading this. Did I forget any? What are your thoughts on what I’ve written? Please leave your comments below 🙂



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  • I am obeying the above! LOL I enjoyed this, and I hope others will read it. I also like the fact that when I do comment you always say at least a thank you, other than great content that is why I love to follow you.

  • I agree with these points and think they’re very helpful! I don’t like how some people NEVER respond to comments lol I’ve noticed that once some people get a lot of followers, they don’t care to interact with people anymore, and I don’t understand why someone like that even has an Instagram lol! You’re always so sweet to respond to people! I love it when people are real like that 🙂

    • Hey, Elizabeth!!!

      Thank you for reading. I agree about responding. I think the only time I don’t respond is if I didn’t see the comment, but I try to look for them and respond to them all the time. Thanks for following along!!


  • I really enjoyed reading your post… Especially number four. Being a new blogger it’s been quite challenging trying to figure things. Some established bloggers, I believe, bait you into following them then they turn around and unfollow you. This is a very refreshing post and gives me hope. Thank you for sharing these tips, I try to follow them as much as I can

    • Thank you so much, Vivian! I agree with the bait and switch thing. It’s a technique to gain followers, but it’s not very nice. Thanks for reading. I need to make sure I’m following you!!!

  • Loved this read. I also didn’t realized that Instagram was like Pinterest with the algorithm. Great information. I need to step it up and comment more then just like.