Don’t Shop at Another Thrift Store – Fashionista Tip 4

On Sunday, I wore the perfect floral dress to church. I could see wearing it to a Spring or Summer wedding, for Easter, a tea party, or for any function requiring something floral and beautiful. I added a jean jacket to dress it down a bit, silver, strappy sandals, and a hot pink cross body purse. You can find the exact dress from Merry Modest HERE

I received tons of compliments. The comments included how vibrant the colors were and how soft the material was. The dress is long, light-weight – which is perfect for hot temps – and the price is great especially because you can use code ‘NYC10’ for an extra 10% off anything on their site. Go HERE to see what’s available.

If you choose this dress, you won’t be disappointed. The material is perfect for the spring, summer, and for those who live in really hot climates. It is not see-through so you wouldn’t have to layer by wearing anything else underneath for modesty. The colors are vibrant and the dress is well-made. It hit my ankles and I’m 5′ almost 4″ so that should give you a good estimate for your height. The sleeves are long, but the dress is not heavy so it would work year-round. Also, when I wore the jacket, it was about 80 degrees where I am right now, and I was not hot at all. Because of all the colors in it, you can easily accessorize with this dress. Also, you can dress it up or dress it down. When you order from Merry Modest, I would personally recommend this dress. It has quickly become one of my favorites. I especially love the front of the dress where this a little gathering at the waist. With the comfy, stretchy material, and the zipper in the back, it has a great look!

I have tried and tried, but I am just not a thrift store shopper. Big shocker, I know hehe. I know so many of you ladies shop there, but I just can’t do it on a normal basis. I always start out with the best intentions, but it doesn’t work out. I think I get overwhelmed with the amount of racks and the amount of clothes on those racks. I can’t fathom the thought of going through all those racks. Also, when I find something I like but it’s in the wrong size, I get annoyed when I can’t get it in the size I want. I need options, people! Lol. I even have a difficult time in Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, and sometimes Ross. Again, I think it can be so overwhelming to have so many different pieces on the same rack. Ross is not so bad because the clothing racks aren’t as packed, and I do better on the racks that are strategically placed away from all the others at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. I honestly love online shopping and shopping from retailers such as Amazon over going to thrift stores.

For these reasons, I have decided to shop in only certain places. I shop in department stores, on Amazon, Instagram boutiques, and I sometimes venture into Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx (very sparingly). Now, what I’m about to tell you will probably confound you, but hear me out.

If you want to save tons of money on clothing, shop at department stores. I know, I know! Many of you might not want to hear this, but it’s true. I’ll list the reasons and explain them below. Before you go, here are tips ONE, TWO, and THREE 🙂

  1. Quality items – if you buy quality items, they will last longer. You won’t have to replace them as often and this one tip frees up money that can be spent on other things.
  2. You can save on clearance items and use coupons – many times, you can score  fantastic deals on the clearance racks at major department stores. On top of this, most department stores allow you to use their store coupons for additional savings. Think Macy’s – they usually have a $10 off $25 coupon ALL THE TIME.
  3. Options!!! – I personally like to have options when I shop. How great is it to be able to choose the size and/or color you want?
  4. The refund/exchange policy – something I love about department store shopping is being able to refund or exchange something that doesn’t work out. I realize the thrift stores do this, but for how long? I remember when I was trying out new coffee pots, I ordered one from Macy’s and tried it out for TWO MONTHS before returning it. They didn’t even need the box. I wasn’t happy with the purchase, so they refunded my money. A pair of shoes I bought at Bloomingdale’s last year were a dream pair. On the receipt, it clearly stated I had ONE YEAR in which to return the shoes if I didn’t like it. A whole year?! I have even had to bring back shoes to another department store because they were uncomfortable. I didn’t have the box, but they gladly took them back. This is the case with Nordstrom and maybe Neiman Marcus. It doesn’t matter how long you own the item, they will take them back. I have not been able to do that at the thrift store. If a piece of clothing didn’t work out, I either had to return it right away, or I owned it forever.
  5. While I’m at it, do you shop at Bed Bath & Beyond? You don’t? You should. Their return policy is unbelievable. I purchased a twin-sized bedding set for my son but told them we were going to be giving him a full-sized bed in the next few months. Want to know what they told me? They said bring back the twin set when we were ready to change it. It was a year later! They took it back, gave us the amount we spent on the twin set and applied it to the full set. The manager did this! They told me the same thing about my curtains. I was going to have curtains made out of the same fabric from my cornice. They told me to use the curtains and bring them back when I had had my curtains made! Who does this? Also, I highly recommend small appliances to be purchased there. Remember the coffee maker debacle I mentioned above? Well, I ended up going there and buying the newest Keurig. A few weeks later, they had the top-of-the-line model, which had been used as a display, for sale. They allowed me to bring back my used machine, get back what I spent, and applied it to the deeply discounted top model. I paid less for the top model than I had for the middle-of-the-road one. Another time a lady walked in with her vacuum cleaner. They told her to go get the one she wanted so they could exchange it. I don’t know about you, but I happen to like lifetime warranties 🙂

I know not everyone will shop at the department store, so that’s why I always try to find similar items to what I’m wearing so you can recreate any look I share. So…let me hear it. What are your thoughts about this? Please comment below 🙂



Disclaimer: I received this dress free of charge to review, but the opinions are mine.

P.S. Look at my son looking so dapper after his bible quizzing tournament 🙂

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  • I used to be a huge thrift store shopper, but recently I have run into the same thing. It will take me hours to find one or two pieces that fit and that I like. Isn’t my time worth something too?

    • Hey, Stacy!

      I know!! If a friend invites me or if we’re in a different state or something like that, I’ll go, but I can’t do it on a regular basis. Thanks for reading!


  • Great tips. I love shopping in all of the above, I just head for the sale and clearance racks…it’s amazing what I find most times. And yes, I’m like you, racks that are overfilled overwhelm and discourage me. I also do a lot of online shopping…sale and clearance too…don’t believe I’ve bought anything full price in over a decade, if not longer. Congrats to your son!

    • I know! I can’t even make it past the first rack if it’s crowded lol. I try, but I give up immediately. I usually scan the rack and if I see something I like, then I pull it out. Thank you!!!