Seersucker Dress Review and Fashionista Tip 3

Have you ever put on a piece of clothing and just fell in love with it? Ladies, if you don’t already have your Easter dress, hop on over to Slaydon & Rose’s website and order this dress. I wore this amazing seersucker dress on Sunday and it was a hit! The material is unbelievably soft and comfortable. It has hidden POCKETS and a belt! I had several friends feel it and they couldn’t believe it. It would look perfect if you accessorize with pops of color when you add a fun bag or funky shoes. You can find the exact dress here, but you can visit the main website here. The best part? You can use code ‘girlfromnyc‘ to save $10 off your $85 purchase for a limited time only. Don’t worry, you’ll love everything on the site and will have a hard time choosing what else to buy 🙂

In the widget above, you can find my exact shoes. I also put similar (and much less expensive) similar shoes and similar (and less expensive) bags. This week, I thought it would be good for another fashionista tip and this is especially good for online shoppers. This is tip number three. For some context, find tip 1 here and tip 2 here.

***Tip number 3 is to fill your shopping cart and…wait! This one tip will save you money and will apply to most online stores…think Amazon, Target, CVS, Banana Republic. The trick is to sign into (or sign up for) your account. Add the items you want to the shopping cart. When you’re all finished, logout of your account, close the page, and wait. Roughly in a day or so, you’ll get a coupon code for the items in your cart. This coupon will usually have a time-limit, but if these are items you wanted anyway, the extra savings can really help. I can’t say I always do it on purpose, but I have several times.

One of the best times I’ve ever done it saved us a ton of money. One time was for a resort vacation in Orlando. I found this out by accident after spending hours and hours looking for our vacation. I think I was so tired of looking I just left the vacation in my scratch pad. The next day, the company ( sent us a coupon code to save more money on the trip. I’ve also used this method for a hotel room and at Banana Republic.

If you try it, let me know how it goes. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Also, please tag me on Instagram in any item you buy from Slaydon & Rose 🙂

If you have tried it, where did you use this money-saving trick?



Disclaimer: Though I received this dress for a review, all opinions are mine.

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