The Swirl Dress and Textbook Savings

Happy Valentine’s Day! Do you ever take fashion risks? I did a few weeks ago when I wore lace, ankle socks and shoes. You can see the pics HERE. On Sunday I wanted to wear something cute and different! So……I wore this Swirl Dress from RoseMarie Fashions. When I first received the dress and tried it on, I actually didn’t want to take it off. The fabric is so comfortable, stretchy, and it falls below the knees. The body part isn’t clingy, but then you have the swirl part that is so dramatic when you lift your arm. There are several colors, and just look at the swirls! I love the way the fabric looks and feels.

I received so many compliments. Everyone was saying it was different, and classy, and so pretty. I just checked their page and they have so many items on sale ANDDDDD with this coupon code – thegirlfromnyc – you can save an additional 15% off! You do NOT want to miss out on sale prices with additional coupons 🙂

As many of you know, I’ve been in school since forever hehe. I am literally in the middle of two master’s programs. I have received so many questions about how to save money on school books. Here are a few tips below:

  1. Buy an older edition. The information doesn’t really change much from edition to edition. Sometimes I’ve seen the chapter numbers move a bit, but will the formulas for chemistry change from one edition to the next. You can save up to 95% off the price of your books by purchasing the older edition. For instance, one time I needed a chemistry book. The school was selling it for about $150. I bought the same book several editions older and paid ONE CENT plus shipping. The grand total? $4!!
  2. Buy the international version. The international version of your textbook has the EXACT SAME INFORMATION, but it comes as a soft-cover book. That’s the ONLY difference. Oh, wait. No, it also comes with spiral binding.
  3. Shop on Amazon. Again, you can get an older edition, but even if you buy the same edition, books on Amazon are usually cheaper.
  4. Buy them locally from a seller on Craigslist. This is great if you are attending a local community college or university and someone in your area is selling their books. One year I was taking a nutrition class and the book was about $100. I found a lady who lived 15 minutes away from me and bought the book from her for $20! Keep in mind, you want to do this as quickly as you register because other people will be looking as well. If you know you are taking medical terminology next semester, start looking as soon as the current semester is over. Many students will have just finished their classes and will want to sell.
  5. Try eBay. Again, sites such as eBay and Amazon can usually save you tons of money on textbooks. On eBay, you can make offers.
  6. Rent them from your school’s book store or on Kindle. I don’t care for this option because when it’s time to take a quiz or a test, I need to turn the pages with rapid speed, so an electronic book does NOT work for me in this instance.
  7. Share with a friend and split the cost. If you’re in the same class with a friend, why not split the cost and share the book?
  8. Sell them back! When you’re finished with the semester, see if you’ll need it again, and if it’s not a book you need for your major, sell it back. General education books – psychology and sociology books sell really well. Use Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay.

How do you save money on your textbooks? And how do you love the dress?



This post was sponsored by Rose Marie Fashions, but all opinions are mine.

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