Faux Fur Collar Cardigan and Couponing Tips Part 2

Hello, lovelies! I have to share the amazing deal I received on this faux fur collared cardigan. I have been wanting one with a  faux fur collar for a long time! As I’ve said before, I’m a very deliberate shopper, so I started doing my research. I found this one, and when it went on sale, I looked for a coupon code. I found one and a free-shipping code too!!! I was so excited. I linked it in the widget, and it also comes in a gray color. It is light enough for you to wear it under something else and heavy enough if you live in climates that only get cool but not very cold. It ties in the front and the fur collar is full and very chic. If you want the cardigan, use code ‘INTDP15’ for an additional 15% off. There’s also free shipping if you spend $50 with code ‘DPSHIP50.’ They have a ton of cute items and there’s a huge clearance going on right now. This is the site where I bought my gold sequin skirt everyone loves.

Also, in my Instastories, I showed you these black, lace ankle socks. I bought them in a pack of five from Amazon. They were $9.99 with Prime Shipping. I’m crazy, but I wore them with shoes! It looked as if I was wearing booties!! I loved it and received so many compliments. You can also recreate this look with pumps too. I linked the exact socks and the shoes above. In addition to the amazing deal on the cardigan by using coupons, here are some more tips on how to save even more with grocery coupons. You can read part one HERE first. I also have a YouTube video explaining the first few tips. You can go HERE to watch it.

  1. Buy the Sunday newspaper, or sign up for subscriptions. Do so in multiples of TWOs. I’ll explain soon. Your small, hometown newspaper will not have a large amount of coupons in it. The coupons it does have will usually not have the highest values.
  2. Start collecting the inserts, but do NOT clip them. Remove them from the newspaper and label them. For instance, if you bought them on Sunday, January 29th, write RP 1/29 or SS 1/29 or PG 1/29. (RP – Redplum/SS – Smart Source/PG – P&G). After this, organize them by date and get ready to start saving. Do NOT start a coupon binder. Get an accordion file folder instead. I’ll make a YouTube video to show you what to do with (large quantities of) newspaper inserts.
  3. Buy increments of two newspapers each week. With BOGO (buy one get one) free items, the manufacturer and the store both recognize the free item as being purchased. For this reason you are allowed to apply a coupon on EACH item. For example: Cheerios are BOGO for $2.99. Newspaper number one has a $.50 off coupon. If you use this ONE coupon, you will pay $2.49 for two boxes or $1.25 each. If you buy TWO newspapers, and EACH newspaper has a $.50 off coupon, you will save $.50 on EACH box. Here is how it looks: $2.99 BOGO for Cheerios – TWO coupons for $.50 off, which really means $.50 off EACH box of cereal. The total off is $1. You pay $1.99 for both, or $1 each! If you want to stockpile, it is best to try to have enough coupons for each item. Many people buy multiple newspapers each week. The more you buy, the more you save…over time. This is the reason why you want increments of two papers.
  4. Visit a coupon-matching website. For the southern states, CVS, and Walgreens, try southernsavers.com. For northern states, try www.livingrichwithcoupons.com. These websites will also have a ton of information, but the most important thing is they will tell you what’s on sale at the store where you want to shop and will also tell you which coupons to use. Go on the site, choose the store where you want to shop, and look for the specific store’s weekly ad. As you look through the weekly ad, you can check the box next to the items you want to purchase. Underneath the items, you will see which coupon to use. If you organize your coupons by date, you will look in that insert issued on that date, and clip ONLY the coupon you are using for that item. Easy! No more clipping hundreds of coupons each week. In addition, underneath the items for sale, there are sometimes online coupons listed. You can print these if you are going to buy these items. These sites allow you to create and print your shopping list and it will show the possible coupons underneath each item. I’ll also make a video showing you how to do this.
  5. Here are the top coupon sources – SmartSource.com, RedPlum.com, Target.com, and you’ll also find a ton on the coupon-matching websites – but don’t print them until the item goes on sale. If you are headed out to buy a needed, specific item then by all means, print it and go get what you need.
  6. Apply coupons – once you’ve made your shopping list, apply the coupons. Examples below:

Example 1: Cheerios are BOGO for $2.99. You have TWO $.50 off coupons – one for each box. See tip # above for how this works.

Example 2: Cheerios are BOGO for $2.99. You have TWO coupons for ‘$1 off three boxes of Cheerios.’ BUY SIX (6) boxes of Cheerios. Use TWO of the ‘$1 off three boxes of Cheerios’ coupons. With a  BOGO deal, 6 boxes will cost $8.97. You will receive $2 off with the coupons. You’ll pay $6.97 after coupons, or $1.16 for each box. Yes, you’re buying 6 boxes, but remember, we are stockpiling and buying enough at the rock-bottom price to get you through the sales cycle. You can double or triple this is you have the necessary coupons. Even if you don’t have all the coupons, BOGO is still king when shopping.

Example 3: Cheerios are BOGO for $2.99. You have ONE coupon for ‘$1 off four boxes of Cheerios. Buy FOUR boxes. You’ll pay $5.98 for four. Use the ‘$1 off coupon’ and pay $4.98 or $1.25 per box.

7. Stack coupons – for more savings, apply a store coupon. Let’s look at example 1 above. You buy TWO boxes of Cheerios for $2.99 BOGO. You use TWO $.50 off coupons AND you find out Publix has a store coupon for $.25 off a box of Cheerios. Use two of them. Here’s how it will look. $1.99 after using the manufacturers’ coupons, another $.50 off using TWO Publix store coupons. You’ll pay $1.49 for both or $.75 each!

8. Doubling Coupons – Some stores will double or even triple coupons. Publix in Florida does not double, but it will double in other states 🙁 ShopRite will double manufacturers’ coupons up to $.99. That means, they will give you up to $1.98 off an item. The last I checked, they will allow you to double up to four coupons per specific item. This means you can use as many coupons for the same items, but they will only double 4 of them. Check with your local supermarket to see what their doubling and tripling policy is.

9. Other coupons:

  • Look for store coupons in your store or see if your store has electronic coupons – you can usually pull up e-coupons with your phone or some stores have a machine at the checkout point where you can input your phone number and have the electronic coupons applied to your purchase. You usually load these coupons at home first, or you can do it on your phone before checking out.
  • Blinkies – coupons that are dispensed from the blinking machines throughout the store.
  • Peelies – coupons placed on products that you can peel off and even use them at the time of purchase
  • Hang tags – coupons hanging around the necks of certain products. You’ll see this a lot on soda bottles.
  • Competitors’ coupons – some stores will accept coupons from competitors. For example, Publix will take a store coupon AND a manufacturers’ coupon on each item. Publix DOES NOT CARE which store coupon it takes – theirs, Target, Winn Dixie, Save-a-lot, Kroger, etc. As long as they’re within a few miles from the store. Double check with your Publix to find out what they take. They will not take theirs AND a competitors. They WILL take a store AND a manufacturers’ coupon.
  • SmartSource, Redplum, Target, and other coupon websites. Again, I used to NEVER print coupons until I was making my shopping list and getting ready to go shopping.

If you get into a system with your couponing, it takes a bit of prep work at home, but once you’re in the store, you’ll shop off of your list and the trip actually becomes shorter. Just paper clip your coupons onto the printable shopping list you made and head to the store.

I know you might have a ton of questions. This is a lot to take in and understand, especially if you’ve never done it before. Please leave your questions below or email me. Also, I’ll follow up with several videos to explain it all.

God bless!


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