Stripes, Fur, and Fashionista Tip 2


Hello, lovelies! So everyone has been posting pictures on social media of all the cold weather and snow. We finally had a few cold days here in Florida. It was roughly 45 degrees on Sunday, and Monday wasn’t any warmer. The only problem is that when Florida gets down below 65 degrees, you feel as if you’re in the arctic haha.

You’ll notice in these pictures, I am in ‘warm’ clothing. I just happen to be wearing this amazing striped dress from Emmy J. Apparel. They sent me this dress so I could review it. It’s a great dress. It is lined, well-made, comes with a detachable belt, falls below the knee, has pockets and is affordable. Again, I like when clothing have good quality, and this is definitely one. You can go HERE to visit the website where I received my dress. I don’t think they are in stock anymore but there are so many great deals and you can use code ’30OFF’ for an additional 30% off. Um…I’m headed there now because I like THIS and THIS…a lot!

My fur vest is a great hand-me-down from my sister. She has amazing taste, so her hand-me-downs don’t quite seem hand-me-downish lol. My shoes are also a pair I’m crazy about. I had bought a leopard pair and like them so much I wanted another one. They are extremely comfortable, the heel isn’t too high, and the price isn’t bad at all.

Now, before I go, I’m going to leave you with fashionista tip number 2. These tips are meant to help you be able to dress like a fashionista and be able to afford it all. If you would like to read tip 1 first, go HERE. It lays a great foundation for tip 2.

Fashionista Tip 2 – If money is a factor (as it usually is for most of us) focus on ONE fashion item/category that you really like and splurge on that. You can even go as far as choosing a secondary item/category. The trick is to then spend less money on other things. Still go for quality as much as you can because those items will last longer and won’t need to be replaced as much, hence allowing for more money for your splurge item(s).

If you notice in my pictures, I almost always have a really nice handbag on my arm and/or a nice pair of shoes. Those are the top two categories for me. There are more that I love (naturally lol), and I’ll share them with you soon, but I focus on these two the most. I’ve actually spent the last 15 years or so working on building my handbag collection and I buy a lot of shoes…a lot of shoes. If I can get the bags on sale, I try, but there is one brand I buy that never, ever goes on sale…so I buy it if I want it…as long as I can afford it.

For my shoes, I also try to get ALL of them on sale. Some I get free through BOGO sales, some don’t cost that much, but others have been up there in price. Again, I ALWAYS go for quality, and I’m willing to pay for that. Remember, it’s cost-per-wear, not cost-per-item.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I am always posting about the latest deal I found on clothing, shoes, etc. I try to be diligent with saving on clothes and other things as much as I can, and I love to share those deals with you. That’s one of the reasons why I told you about the dress above. The dress is a great deal, it’s fashionable, of good quality, and you would be supporting a small shop/business.

Don’t forget to browse the widget I prepared with exact and similar items for you to shop my look. I’ll be writing the other tips in the next few weeks, so head to the top right of my page where you can subscribe for blog updates.

Hugs, and please leave any thoughts or questions below.


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