Pom Pom Scarf

Hey, ladies. I have been posting a ton of stories on Instagram explaining what’s going on in our kitchen…major renovations because of a leak we had. We always wanted to redo the kitchen, but this water damage sped up the process.

I’ve been very low key for the past few days trying to help out with the project and also trying to enjoy the last few days of the Christmas break. Reality will hit on Thursday when we go back to school haha.

Here is a cute scarf I ordered a few days ago. It’s in the Amazon widget above, and there are several patterns and styles if you want to choose a different one. I love the pom poms on the end.

My dress is from Maggie Jay Clothing. It is sooooo soft and comfortable and perfect for our frequent Home Depot and Lowe’s trips…especially the flats I’m wearing…lots of walking up and down those aisles ha. I literally feel as if I’m wearing a night gown, but it’s really neat because it works with any scarf, vest, sweater, or cardigan. Check them out, but in the meantime, I linked some striped dresses above starting at $9.99!

I also linked a bag and some shoes that are similar to a pair I posted on Instagram yesterday. I received a ton of compliments and questions about them, so I put similar ones here too.

We’ll chat soon, and don’t forget to watch my Insta-stories. I’ll most likely put some pics on here with the progress of the kitchen.



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