Red Lace and Fashionista Tip 1

Hello, lovelies!!! How are you?! How quickly is time flying? It’s less than a week away from Christmas! When did that happen?!

Well, Mondays and Tuesdays have become our weekend because Milt’s work schedule changed so much. Last week we spent Tuesday in Orlando. We had lunch, went to Nordstrom Rack and the Mall at Millenia, went to the best Brazilian Restaurant for dinner, and then Merritt Island for a show.

I think tonight we’ll go look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood before coming home to enjoy Teavana loose tea and watch a Christmas movie. Tomorrow will most likely be spent in Orlando again. I want to either go to the wax museum or continue our Christmas shopping. Yes, we are those people lol. We don’t go crazy with buying gifts, simply because we don’t feel like going broke for one day of the year hahaha, but also because we shop throughout the year, and because we like to buy meaningful gifts instead of random things to fill up the space under the tree. To be honest, I ordered part of Milt’s and my parents’ gift from Amazon on Saturday and my nephews’ gifts will go out in the mail tomorrow.

On Sunday I wore my Christmas dress to church. I’m wearing it again on Christmas Day 🙂 I had it custom-made by NormonyDesign on Instagram. They have made several of my dresses, skirts, and swim skirts, and the clothes they make are not flimsy. This dress is so well-made (as are all their dresses), it is lined, and the red lace is so vibrant and pretty. I could not believe it when I open it and put it on. I received so many compliments. I’m convinced every lady needs a red, lace dress for the holidays. I know it’s too late for you to order one for Christmas, but maybe you could order one for New Year’s? Also, they are so pleasant. You tell them exactly what you want, the sleeve length, the length of the dress or skirt, the style of the neck, the fabric, etc. You get to design your own dress, and the prices are very reasonable. The dress I’m wearing in the pics above was about $65 (probably because of the price of the fabric costing more), but many of the dresses they make for me have been about $50-ish dollars. I think that’s worth it to have the exact look, length, fabric, and style you want.

In the pictures above, I’m wearing black ankle shoes. On Instagram, I mentioned buying them at Nordstrom Rack. The reason I just had to get them is because I normally wear a leopard pair exactly like these and fell in love with them. I had purchased the leopard pair on Amazon, and always wanted a black and a nude pair. When I saw these at Nordstrom Rack, you know I just had to get them. These shoes are so comfortable, and the price was great. I linked some below.

So one of the things I get asked the most, is how to dress like a fashionista and afford it all. I’ve decided to list the ways over several weeks in these blog posts. If you’d like to know them all, please subscribe at the top right of this page. You will receive post updates so you can get started on sensibly transforming your wardrobe.

***So…the first tip? Get rid of the word ‘expensive’ from your vocabulary. The best way to dress like a fashionista is to focus on cost-per-wear as opposed to cost-per-item. If you buy something normally deemed ‘expensive,’ but you can wear it for many years and it is still in good condition, then you have to look at how much it was per wear, which could get progressively cheaper the longer you have it. If you have it for so many years and don’t have to replace it, then that means you will have money to buy other things instead of replacing the ‘expensive’ item over and over…and over and over again. When I go out to buy something, I don’t necessarily look at the price as my first concern. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t spend money blindly, but I’m shopping for something, I look for the item that has the best quality. This usually means it is not the cheapest, but if I can use/wear it for a long time, then it really wasn’t that ‘expensive.’

***Here’s an example for those who don’t believe me: my parents used to do what most people do. I grew up watching them buy a new knife set or a new pot set every few years. These items just never lasted for them, but I don’t think they knew of a better option. My mom finallllllly stopped the madness and started buying better quality items. She bought Cutco knives and Princess House pots, and they haven’t replaced the knives in 16 years and the pots in four….that was roughly the time they bought them. My hubby and I did the same thing. We bought Cutco knives 16 years ago, and besides them having to be sharpened every ten years or so, we haven’t had to buy any new knives. In fact, we’ve added to what we had because my cousin was selling them. We did the same with Princess House pots. I used to sell both these items, and ever since we purchased these pots, we haven’t replace any either. Now do you see my point? Because we are not having to buy the same things many times, that money can be used on other items.

***As an additional example, my parents always had Electrolux vacuum cleaners. Milton and I bought ours in 2001. To this day, we are still using the same vacuum cleaner. We’ve had it serviced two or three, but even though it was $699 (on sale), we have used it for almost 16 years!!! Suppose we can use our Electrolux for the next 15 years, how ‘expensive’ was it really? If you can think to your vacuum cleaner, knives, and pots, how many times have you replaced them? Which method do you think is more expensive over the years? Which one is less expensive? This is ‘cost-per-wear’ in action.

I’ll follow up with the next point in the next blog post. You do NOT want to miss these. Subscribe via email to make sure you get them, but in the meantime, I would LOVE your thoughts and reaction below.

What are your plans for Christmas? Are you traveling? Are you staying home? We normally travel every Christmas, but this will be the first time in years we’ll be home. We’re not too sad though. We’re getting a heater installed for our pool. We’ll be swimming this weekend!!!

The other looks are some of what I wore last week. The polka dot shirt is one I purchased from Kohl’s during the pre-Black-Friday sale period. I used a coupon, an extra discount code, and I bought a lot of shirts for roughly $6 to $7 each! The other look was from our day in Orlando last Tuesday. I wore my bird skirt and metallic shoes. My shimmery blue bag just begged for something else shimmery and those happened to be the shoes 🙂 I’ve linked some above.

Have a great day! I don’t know if I’ll post again this week, so if I don’t, Merry Christmas!!! Have a blessed and beautiful week.



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