Tribal Print, Leather Moto, and How to Stay Sane During the Holidays


Hey, ladies! How as your Thanksgiving? Did you travel or stay home? Our Florida family hosts holiday dinners at different family members’ homes. This year, Thanksgiving was at my cousin’s new home a few minutes away from us. We were on vegetable and salad duty. I made the salad my mom taught me and carrots cooked in butter and brown sugar, also her recipe. Oops. Sounds fattening. It probably is, but it is a hit! The salad is a mixture of leafy green lettuce, diced red onions and red peppers, match stick carrots, mandarin oranges, and craisins. My mom adds radishes and green onions, but I don’t care for them. You can add strawberries or mangoes, roasted pine nuts and goat cheese. If you make this salad, you MUST use the Raspberry Hazelnut Vinaigrette from Wish Bone. You MUST! This salad dressing gives the salad the best flavor ever. Here’s a picture of it:DSC_0109 This year’s dinner was quiet. I have a rather large family and there are a lot of us living in one area, but so many of us are in New York and other places. It was nice though. We ate, played games, and rearranged my cousin’s living room furniture (I couldn’t help myself). Did you go Black Friday shopping? Go HERE to read my last post about how I feel about Black Friday shopping and how you can survive it. We went to Kohl’s on Friday because I had two coupons, but the lines around the back of the store. We left and headed to Macy’s because the boys wanted velvet clothing. The hubs bought a deep blue velvet vest and we bought Milty a velvet bow tie. My velvet skirt was already ordered from Asos and delivered. We also bought sunglasses. That was the extent of our shopping. Something we love to do is get our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. We normally go to Lowe’s, but this year we were going to Sam’s Club to do some shopping and found THE tree!!! I couldn’t believe it. It was under $30 and it is huge! It is 8ft tall and so good looking. Okay, wait, so we did more shopping lol. This one was for decorations though. As the boys were going to Best Buy, I had them drop me off at Pier 1…bad idea…for Milton 🙂 I picked up a tree collar in the fashions of Santa’s belt, an elf’s hat for the top of the tree, and a little reindeer with a red and white striped scarf. They are all so cute! I love decorating for the different holidays, and Christmas decorations happen to be the best. I love all the red. I don’t know if you remember me telling you, but I have been sick for almost two weeks now. Now Milty is sick too. I am still coughing and wheezing so much. It gets worse at night. Do any of you go through this? It’s rather annoying when you want to do things but feel so sick you can’t. I haven’t been to the gym or worked out in two weeks now because of it. Sigh. Also, as a homeschooling mom, the biggest dilemma I have all the time is whether or not to give a sick day. I mean how do you have a day off when you work from home? Haha. I think I will give him the day off though. Another thing that can cause stress during this time, besides being sick, is being unprepared.

Below find some tips you can use to make it through this time of year without losing your mind:

  1. Start early. If you haven’t already done so, start buying Christmas presents. The closer you get to the holiday, the more things you’ll have to do and the more pressure you’ll feel. I actually love shopping for next year right after the Christmas season and during the year if I find good deals.
  2. Don’t wait to decorate. I know I can hardly wait for Thanksgiving to be over because I LOVE to decorate for Christmas, but I don’t decorate for it before Thanksgiving is over. Again, the earlier you start doing these things, the less stressed you’ll be. A great way to save money on decorations is to buy decorations after the season and use them next year. I have a lot of Pier 1 decorations, but a lot of them were purchased after each holiday at deeply discounted prices so my home might look like a million bucks, but I didn’t spend a million bucks 🙂
  3. Take family photos and order your Christmas cards. You can also use a picture taken sometime in October or November. Many times when we wait too long, we have to pay for expedited shipping to get them to us on time, then we have to write them up, label them, and ship them to our family and friends. I love using TinyprintsVistaprint, or Minted. They’re all offering discounts right now.
  4. Remember the reason for the season. Christmas is not about how much money you need to spend on gifts to make everyone ‘happy.’ It is more blessed to give than it is to receive, but I strongly believe that it really is the thought that counts. Don’t feel bad if your tree doesn’t have tons and tons of gifts underneath it. Spend what you can afford, and don’t have any regrets.
  5. Enjoy the time with your family and friends. Again, make the time more about your loved ones and not about all of what you have to buy.
  6. Decide where you are spending the holidays and make the plans to either host and travel to your destination. The longer you wait, the more expensive travel can become. If you are hosting, write down the things you need and start getting them sooner than later.

How much do you love my skirt? I sure do. It’s a tribal print skirt I bought on Amazon. The color on this skirt is so vibrant and it is soft. It is elastic in the back. There are several prints from which to choose.I paired it with a leather moto jacket, white sandals, and a white bag. I am linking the midi and maxi version of it here:


Here are some other outfits worn this week and all the details of them. The first one is a printed (bird) skirt with a denim jacket and booties. The booties are from Macy’s. I think I paid less than $15 for them. The skirt is from Hello Modest. They don’t have anymore, but any printed skirt will work. Also, they are always having a sale.img_20161124_131121 dsc_0044-02

This next pic is from our Black Friday shopping day. Know what we did? We went to Macy’s and bought sunglasses lol. The boys also bought some velvet pieces – a blazer for the hubs and a bow tie for the kid 🙂 That was it…oh, and I bought some pieces of clothing online. I’ll show you those soon. I’ll also show you the sunglasses soon.

I went for a monochromatic look, a sleeveless cardigan, and my fave metallic shoes. You can find a similar pair HERE. If you are looking for a sleeveless cardigan for only $10, go HERE dsc_0055-03

Here’s a sneak peek of how we’ve begun decorating our house for Christmas. If you head over to www.wildchildmagazine starting Thursday, December 1st, you can find twelve tips to easily, quickly, and inexpensively decorate your home for the holidays. I don’t know if you remember, but I now write a blog post for them once a month. You’ll also find blog posts of other rad moms 🙂

Our pillows and tree accessories are below, along with some other options.dsc_0076-02

And HOWWWWWWWW cute is the hat on the tree? Lol. I really love the collar down at the base. We have napkin rings that are Santa’s belt (from last year), red bows, and snowflakes. I linked them above, but I’ll show them to you when I set the table for my ugly sweater Christmas party. Love them all. They’re so festive.dsc_0067-01
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What did you think of the tips? Do you have any?

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