Tea Party Planning

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I was chatting with a friend the other day, and she said she felt she was missing an entire week out of this month. I almost feel the same way because time is just flying by.

Anyway, I am in full swing with planning this tea party. It started out as a fun ‘thing’ to have with a few friends, but it never ends that way for me. Everyone in my house is involved lol. I dragged my hubby and son all over town picking out the perfect gifts for my guests, and I cannot wait to share all the pictures with you. My son has agreed to take the pictures before the party starts, but he has already warned me he is outta there before all the old ladies come over hahaha. Teenagers!dsc_1219

I had already spent quite some time scouring my favorite stores/online stores…you know…Pier 1, Macy’s, Amazon, Home Goods, Marshall’s, etc. I found some really great serving pieces, but it’s perfect because these are things I will use for my home anyway. Now, my hubby is giving me tips of which desserts to make. I told him I might not serve one type of tea because I didn’t have enough of it, and I already had enough. I told him I didn’t want to go into the expense of ordering more tea, but he told me I had already went into the expense when I decided to have the party lol. He knows me so well. He said this because I ordered a piece for my head (my head is way too big for a hat) and gloves, Teavana rock sugar, Teavana loose tea, and I even had a fifties-style dress made just for this occasion. He loves it though. He came into every store and helped me carry all my purchases to the counter.

I have to admit something if I’ve never done so before. I believe in having an experience. I think that’s why I don’t love to cook. When I do venture into the kitchen, the meal has to look as if it were prepared in a five-star restaurant, and I don’t always have the time to do that. I want my tea party to be the tea party to end all tea parties hahaha. Just kidding…but kind of. But seriously, I love to entertain. I could have dinner parties and similar events every day. So much fun!

Here’s a sneak peek of my dress and gloves…

dsc_0010-01-01So, if you were invited to my tea party, we are going to have a blast! I cannot even contain myself with how excited I am. I’m going to do my best to shoot a video of the set up and maybe some candid video, but I’ll definitely have pics from the event, a how-to guide for throwing the perfect high tea, great gifts for your guests, and I’ll share where I bought the items I’m using for the party.



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