The Bag in the Box

dsc_0008-03dsc_0001-01 dsc_0004-01 dsc_0005-01 dsc_0006-01 dsc_0007-02dsc_1264dsc_1265dsc_1266Happy Wednesday, everyone! Sorry for the later than usual post, but…life! Haha. Anyway, a friend of mine was here for the morning. We were trying out the teas for the tea party since she can’t make it, and I also made her white chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Fun!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated a milestone wedding anniversary. I won’t say the number because then you’ll try to put two and two together and figure out how old my hubby is hahaha. Well, he’s so sweet because he always wants to go above and beyond for our milestone anniversaries. His plan for this one besides a trip to celebrate? A bag for me! Even so, I didn’t know if I wanted to keep it even after taking so long to decide which one I wanted. I almost brought it back. It was in the box for eight days before I even took it out and decided to wear it. I’m glad I did though. Glad I took it out glad I kept it. I really wanted a more formal handbag and I fell in love with the red material on the inside and the thick, gold chain strap. Also there is a partition in the bag. I’ve never had a bag with a partition, so this was new for me. It took months to decide on the one I wanted. In the last picture, my wallet is in the bag, so that’s why you see the same design inside.

What do you think? I also made a slide show below of some similar pieces to what I’m wearing. You can shop the look if you’d like. I don’t have a link to the bag, but you can go HERE to see it. I also linked some cross body bags with chain straps below.

Have a great day!


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