Transitioning…or Not?

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Happy Wednesday, ladies! How are you surviving the week so far? We are in the first week of HIGH SCHOOL! I don’t know how the time flew by so fast. I’m still amazed.Last week Friday, the hubs and I decided to run out for a few hours before picking up some food to take home. The running joke is he’ll ask me what’s for dinner. I say it’s Friday (or Saturday) and I don’t cook on the weekends, and he tells me I don’t cook on any day. That may be true haha, but, seriously, on a Friday, the last thing I want to do is be in the kitchen. Blech.

This shirt is yet another purchase from NY and Company from my shopping trip in Tennessee. I love the detailing on it. It is an off-the-shoulder top, but I pulled it up on my shoulders. The leopard booties were a FREE item from Macy’s when they had one of their buy-one-get-one-free sales a few months ago. They are surprisingly very easy to wear. The clutch is the Uber clutch from GiGi New York. I love the fact mine is (and yours can be) personalized. The pencil skirt was purchased from TJ Maxx a few weeks ago.

Now, I must ask…am I the only one stuck in limbo? I LOVE the fall season. It’s probably my most favorite season because of pumpkin everything. The problem is I also love the feeling of the summer and I love winter because of the snow and Christmas. Spring is also amazing because of the significance of new life and beautiful flowers, etc. . I always feel so torn when the seasons are about to change. However, this outfit is a great way to transition into the fall while holding onto some parts of the summer. The light chambray material in the shirt screams hot weather, while the orange clutch and earthen tones of the leopard give the feeling of cooler weather clothing.

I wore this casual outfit when the hubby and I went out a few days ago. Milt and I are weird. We have fun going to Publix together because it takes us back to when we did extreme couponing. We have great memories saving tons of money there, CVS, and Walgreens. So, what about you? What are some things you do with your significant other when you have time alone?

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