That Body Dress AGAIN?!

DSC_0814 DSC_0817 DSC_0818 DSC_0823 DSC_0824 DSC_0825 DSC_0826Okay, so, I have to tell you how much I love this modest body dress from ShopYanni. This is one piece I’ve been wearing a lot lately because of the flexibility of it. Am I the only one that goes shopping and buys clothing you know you’ll never wear? I happen to do that quite frequently, but it’s not intentional.

Since starting to wear things such as this body dress and skirt extenders, I have been able to use every piece of clothing in my closet. Even when shopping, I can feel confident that nothing will be too short or immodest.

Did you catch the picture of Milt and Noah? Noah is our two-year-old nephew. I remember when some friends of ours moved back to the wife’s home state. One of the reasons she gave was to be nearer to her nieces and nephews. I must admit I didn’t get it at the time. I get it now. Every time I visit and leave, it breaks my heart. I want to see my two nephews all the time. I don’t see us moving back to New York, at least not on a full-time basis, but being able to be near them would be wonderful.

Anyway, let me go before I get teary-eyed. Thanks for stopping by, and did you catch the giveaway on Instagram? @thegirlfromnyc if you’re on Insta.



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