A Beach Wedding and a Lot of Pancakes

Happy Thursday, everyone! Okay, so this post is going to be very interesting in more ways than one. It all started with what’s in this first picture. These are pancakes I make from scratch with white chocolate chips, or butterscotch or pumpkin chips, depending on the season…usually it’s white chocolate chips with no syrup…none is needed…DSC_0003This recipe has quickly become a family favorite. I can’t even mention buying boxed mix ever again…So now, when my family comes over, the batter has to be made in a pot and scooped out with a ladle lol. Craziness…DSC_0638A few weeks ago, one of my aunts asked if we would host a barbecue on Memorial Day. We agreed. The day before the barbecue, she asked if I would make pancakes. I thought it was strange, but I went along with it. I’d never made pancakes for a barbecue.

The next function was the  gathering at our house the Friday night before my cousin’s wedding and then the brunch the day after the wedding. Again…more pancakes lol. I made more pancakes in those three days than I have in my entire life lol.

We had gone to Sam’s Club and bought a TON of food for the brunch, and even though there were bagels, croissants, muffins, brownies, cake, pastries, eggs, turkey bacon and sausage, eggs, a variety of fruit, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, caramel macchiatos, french fries, juice, soda, etc., the pancakes kept running out…If you look in the picture right below this text, you’ll see the first batch in that foil container. We had about four waves of people. This was the first wave, and by the time the day was over, we had fed between 40 and 50 people. I had made over 200 pancakes…DSC_0689Here are some pics from the wedding. I am wearing the Delaine Floral Dress, custom-made and named after me, by Normony Design

DSC_0641Here I am with my sister, Jackie…DSC_0650And with one of our aunts, Sandra…she’s a walking miracle for many reasons… DSC_0653 My other aunt, Corlett, officiated the wedding. That is my cousin’s husband-to-be…DSC_0654And the bride, my beautiful cousin, Felicia…DSC_0656Here’s a side pic of my mom. I had to sneak this one because she would rather die than have a picture taken of her…
DSC_0657 And my uncle Richard (Peckol), and Jackie. The father-of-the-bride to their left and more cousins in the picture…DSC_0658A few good men…here is just a handful of the handsome men in my family…and I have a rather large family. None of these guys are from the same person except on the extreme right is a nephew and uncle pair…DSC_0660 And Milt holding Camille, my cousin’s daughter…DSC_0663 Sister (she seems to be in every picture haha) and more cousins…DSC_0661DSC_0665My sister, aunt, cousin, and his beautiful wife!…love her…DSC_0668 Bridesmaids…more cousins lol…the girl on the left and the girl in the middle are sisters, and they are two of five…DSC_0669With my aunt Donna, who was also the mother-of-the-bride…and more cousins and a family member…
DSC_0679And back at the house the next day with more family for more pancakes hehe…DSC_0691I hope you enjoyed the pictures. The wedding was beautiful. The ceremony was on the beach, while the reception was inside the hotel. I love events like this because I get to see family I don’t get to see on a regular basis.

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