Memorial Day and Pom Pom Gladiator Sandals

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DSC_0460-01Happy Tuesday, everyone! How was your Memorial Day? Mine was insane…in a great way!

I don’t actually have any pictures of our Memorial Day get-together with our family because when my family gets together, it’s busy. I was about to take pics several times, but, it would have been what you’ve seen before haha: food, juice, desserts, fruits, veggie trays, kids swimming, young adults playing basketball, adults playing cards, etc.

What was hilarious is during the day while we were getting ready for the barbecue, one of my aunt’s asked if I was making my from-scratch pancakes with either white chocolate chips or butterscotch chips. I wasn’t planning on it, but I obliged. I just kept wondering what kind of barbecue had pancakes involved lol. Want to know the truth? I couldn’t make enough! With ALL that food here, the pancakes was what everyone wanted.

On the menu was barbecue chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, salmon (one of my aunt’s doesn’t eat chicken or red meat), corn, french fries, a veggie plate, watermelon, chips, brownies, cake, ice cream, caramel macchiatos, tea, pink lemonade, soda, water…and I might be forgetting some things. We’re doing this all over again on Friday and Sunday afternoon because my parents, sister, and tons of family are coming into town for my cousin’s wedding. It’ll be at our house on those days too. Having a pool makes summer events at our house a must-have.

The shoes in the pictures above have received a lot of attention, so I wanted to make sure I link them in case you wanted to view/purchase them. The pics are also from Hawaii. This was about the second day we were there. We had gone out to plan some outings, so we went out early before getting in the pool.

I’ll have the other half of the Road to Hana on the blog this week. We’re getting down to crunch time with the wedding, junior bible quizzing state finals, and then our maybe-month-long trip away from home. Have a great day, and you can leave comments below of how you spent your day yesterday.



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