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Happy Wednesday, lovelies. I dont know if you’re like this, but if I know why I’m doing something, I don’t need a reminder to do it and don’t need to be encouraged. I also won’t veer off the path that is ahead of me to complete the task at hand.

This is something I’ve been trying to get my kid to understand. If you can be driven by doing what’s right, or by what needs to be done, then you won’t need too much outside influence as a motivation.

The opposite is also true. If someone is not doing their part, that should never deter us from doing what we have in our heart to do. People will hurt and disappoint you all the time, but if you stay focused on that, it becomes a distraction.

The perfect example of this is not living for the Lord as opposed to living for Him. If my hubby and I had stayed focused on other people, then we would have left our faith a long time ago. The driving force for us is to not go back to a life without Him, so no matter what selfish stunts people pull, we aren’t detered.

I am in several blogger support groups on Instagram. I posed a question asking them how deeply I should share my thoughts on this blog. I have been feeling very conflicted about this lately.

I have so many things going on in my life that I’d like to share, but I’m always wanting to make sure I don’t offend anyone reading this blog. I’m not talking about controversial matters. I’m referring to personal situations that people I know might read and not like.

The ladies in one of the groups confirmed my thoughts. They encouraged me to write what’s on my heart because someone might be going through a similar situation. I don’t want to just write about clothing and accessories, and I don’t want to only write about deep, heavy topics either. I’m going to keep things fun and informative, but when something is on my mind, I’ll share it. I hope you’ll stick around as I explore new depths.

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Oh, and my shirt is a tribal print number I bought last year, and the skirt is a used skirt purchased from an Instagram clothing boutique. I linked similar ones.

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